By Monica Morones

Local painter Carlos Tienda has made his presence known over the past year displaying his work at some of the local festivals and art shows in the desert, captivating the viewers with his mystical and imaginative painterly point of view. Born and raised in Indio, Tienda has spent the last five years creating, painting, and gathering enough work together to show this past year. I ran into Carlos at Synergy Fest in Coachella a couple of months ago painting live at his booth and I was intrigued with his artistic style and content.

MM: How did your art journey begin?

CT: As a young child I’ve always had a creative mind, and as far as I can remember I’ve always excelled in art. In high school I took art all 4 years and did really well. I’ve dealt with addiction for the past 8 years and my highs and lows have been major fuel for my creative intellect. I never took it serious though despite my art teachers constantly driving me. I didn’t see the value and I couldn’t see myself. I had a longing to change the world and I didn’t see that I could do that through the works of my art. One day that changed and I realized who I was and I realized who I wasn’t. I knew my purpose and I’ve been taking the steps to fulfill that purpose. I’ve been a true artist ever since.

MM: What would you describe as your style?


CT: Since my art is inspired from my visions and dreams I’d have to say it’s very mystical. A lot of it describes a void, a void longing to be filled. The majority of my pieces describe the eternal cycle of life and death. The viewer with the eye to see and the heart to feel are in store for some heavy vibrations.

MM: What is your favorite medium to work with?

CT: A few years ago my medium of choice was a ball point pen and some paper because that’s what I had laying around the house. As I started to mature as an artist, I felt it was time to step up my game and push myself in a new direction. Today I favor acrylic on wood panel, mixed in with some paint markers, watercolor, and spray paint. I continue to experiment but I miss my ink days and for the year 2015 I’d like to do a concentration of ink on paper to compare to my earlier pieces and to see how much I’ve really progressed.

MM: Did you go to school or are you self-taught? And what are your thoughts on this subject?

CT: The only schooling that I have had is my time is during high school. My electives were art. But looking back I really didn’t use that time wisely. I didn’t see how precious it was to sit around for a few hours listen to music and kill the canvas! So now with a family of my own, being a full time union electrician and constantly having to travel, I’m very aware and grateful for the time I get to sit and work on a masterpiece. I’m the driving force behind the madness. The way I view my art is amateur compared to where it will be. I have visions of beautiful masterpieces beyond measure. Every time I put the ink to the paper or the brush to the canvas I strive to create that beauty.

MM: What do you think of the art scene in the Coachella Valley?

CT: I believe the art scene in the Coachella Valley is evolving into something great. The desert carries a certain vibe perfect for the creative thinker. I am glad to be a part of this movement and I think with collaboration and time the Coachella Valley is going to recognized world-wide for its killer music and mystic arts!

MM: Where have you shown your work?

CT: Over the past 5 years I’ve been building my collection of art and only till recently I feel that I have enough to display. So over the past year I’ve displayed my art at a few local spots including Synergy Fest, AMFM Fest, The Hood, Copa Night Club, and the Toltec Ranch. My plan for 2015 is to venture further and branch out.

MM: What would you say is your biggest struggle as an artist?

CT: If I could be in studio with all my paint and pens for countless hours it would be pure madness and I would move forward on creating my visions with leaps and bounds but I can’t. Currently I’m in a 5 year program for electrical engineer and I have responsibilities. So my biggest difficulty being an artist at heart is finding the balance between life and passion.

MM: What is the root of your inspiration?

CT: I’m very intrigued by sacred geometry, the building blocks and mathematics of the universe, the language of God. It’s my driving force and the root of my inspiration. It’s love. It’s life. It’s all that is!