We’ve all encountered them at one time or another, and never a pleasant experience “snakes!” (And I’m not referring to some of those ‘special’ people in your life or at work). “Snake season usually picks up steam between April and May, says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna.”

Practice these precautions: Yard debris, wood piles, gaps under homes, wooden decks and cement patios can attract snakes. Basically anything that attracts rodents will attract snakes. Even water sources, especially now, as California is in a drought.

Preventive tips include trimming shrubs, fill any ground gaps or holes, remove nearby wood or brush piles, etc. If you have outdoor water sources, like a pond or even a pool, be mindful, snakes need water too.”

It’s best to keep bushes and shrubs six inches or less off the ground. This will make the snake feel less secure when trying to hide. “As a general rule, if you can’t see where your hands and feet are, there is the potential to be bitten.” If you are bitten, stay calm and dial 911. Lie down and keep the affected limb lower than the heart.


If you do come across a snake, do not antagonize the snake and call someone who is knowledgeable. Their just passing through, so leave the snake alone; they generally will leave the area on their own accord.

For additional snake safety information visit: www.wildlife.ca.gov/News/Snake

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna