By Jennifer Tan AKA Mrs Fett

CES 2014 has finally wrapped up, leaving everyone with a shopping list an arm long. A convention filled with new technology, new experiences, unforgettable moments like the Michael Bay meltdown, and hundreds of needless phone accessories.

Playstation Now, which was not a total surprise, definitely had me the most excited. The first ever, stream based gaming service powered by cloud-based technology. This service will start on PS3, and PS4, and then later move to the Playstation Vita, BRAVIA’s TVs, and to other Sony, and non-Sony based devices.

Oculus Rift also made headlines, with its extremely impressive display of the newly improved prototype, the Crystal Cove. Although the new edition has vast improvements over the previous model, the fact that it tracks your lean, and not actually where you lean, causes some disorientation, and “stimulation sickness.” After 75 million dollars in investments, here’s to hoping a few more million will get them on the track to success, and less nausea.

Razer Nabu is, by far, the greatest wearable technology that I am dying to get my wrist into. More wristband than smartwatch, this dual OLED bracelet tracks your every activity, awarding you for good lifestyle choices, and makes the information that you value most, easily accessible, and sharable. Pairing with an iPhone or Android smartphone app over Bluetooth LE, the Nabu can receive notifications for text messages, incoming calls, emails and even social networking updates from the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Samsung announced the soon-to-dominate Galaxy S5. In a head to head battle with Iphone, Samsung has some pretty impressive technology. Eye-scabbing technology, a curved back, and aluminum frame design. The phone will most likely run Android 4.4 Kit-Kat OS, and release between April and May of this year.

There were dozens more examples of technology breakthroughs at CES, including tilted, and bendable TVs. All of which are sure to flood the market here in just a few months. These four however, made my list not because they were “cool” or “trendy” but because the technology and design are sure to make paths, not follow them.

Also, for those wondering, Michael Bay walked OFF stage, during a presentation of a new curved TV. Due to a traumatic case of stage fright, he cut off the CEO before he could properly introduce him, lost sight of the Teleprompter, and could not “wing-it” even after he tried. So, he apologized, and walked off stage. The ULTIMATE RAGE QUIT!