The one thing that we know is constant is change.  Sometimes we crave change and other times we dread it.  One thing for sure is change is going to happen whether we like it or not.  Change can be exciting but also frightening.  Just when everything appears perfect in our lives is when change occurs.  But, change is growth and in order to gain, in any way, you must change what is NOW!  Good, bad, or indifferent we are not in control.

Most of us are anxious about change.  Even if the journey ahead is scary, you’re going to want to hold on and pay attention.  Try these five calming practices to ease your mind.  Slow down When you are focused on what the future holds you begin to lose sight of the journey and the message being conveyed to you is lost.  There is a lesson to be learned in all you do.  Get centered Yoga can especially bring you back to the ground directly beneath your feet.  Similarly, meditation, a long walk, or other centering activities can bring you clarity and perspective.  Stay here Do your best to stay in the moment. Looking ahead at what things might be or living in the past of what should have been will only weigh you down mentally.  Be a realist and move forward.  Just watch Sit back and be a spectator.  When our minds drive us crazy it is best to stay quiet and WATCH what is happening around us.  You will be amazed how quickly the anxiety will dissipate.  Breathe As an over-stressed society we’re constantly holding our breath.  Meditate, sit quietly, and listen to your own breath.  Yoga is a discipline that’s main focus is about the breath.  Breathing is our life force and when we restrict our breath other parts of our body shut down.

Might I encourage you to make one positive change in the upcoming week?   Start off with something simple like changing your route to work or a different flavored coffee drink. Change your exercise regimen, eating habits, attitude, begin reading a book, watch a new television program, go for a hike, or try a new food.  If you were to do this every week just think of all the change you would be making in your life.  Plus, you would be embarking on an incredible journey of new experiences.  Although we are not in control, you make your own decisions and trying something new is always fun.  Relish in the changes ahead rather than fearing what’s around the corner.