By Michelle Ann Rizzio

This is part one of a series showcasing the Cathedral City sister dispensaries, City of Dank and Dank Depot, their brand Cali Care, and an interview with their founder Sahak Ghaghian regarding their upcoming lounge and lab.

Nestled in the parking lot of Show Girls on Perez Road in Cathedral City is City of Dank. When walking inside you are welcomed by reflecting mirror walls and a step and repeat to stand in front of to snap a selfie and tag @cityofdankcc on IG. A friendly security guard checks you in to make sure you are 21+ and discern if you are medical or recreation and allows you into the door to the dispensary showroom. Inside a bright display of art from a Venice beach artist adorn the walls with images of familiar cartoons taking bong rips, tripping out, and watching TV. An educated staff waits to share their perspective on what can help you and an array of products for every type of consumer of cannabis grace the display cases. During month of December you can stop by any day of the week leading up to Christmas for City of Dank’s special promotion–12 Days of Kushmas! Vendors like Smoke Stacks, Papa and Barkley, and Flow Kana will be in the house to share about their brand and keep the holidays lit.

I caught up with Kate, the general manager of City of Dank, to discuss her origins with cannabis, what we can expect to see in the new year from City of Dank, and what her favorite brands are.

When did your journey in the cannabis industry begin, and what sparked it?

Kate: My relationship with cannabis goes back as far as I can remember but my interest in the uses of cannabis beyond just “Getting high” sparked in 2003 when my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  Seeing the pain relief and the overall ease it brought to her final months made me want to learn all there is to know about Mary Jane.

What are your goals for City of Dank in 2019 and what can we expect to see?

Kate: My goals for City of Dank in 2019 are to continue to grow with the amazing staff we have built and provide the best service and as much knowledge as we can to those just entering the world of cannabis. We want to help bring the medical benefits of this amazing plant to this brand new market of recreational users. Seeing the demographic switching from just stoners & potheads looking for the best highs, to people of all ages looking to just get relief from whatever ails them. The smile on the face of a sweet grandmother who can now play with her grandchildren again using CBD drops, or the sweet 17 year old K9 patient we have who is living a better quality of life in her last years using VetCBD dog drops.

How is City of Dank unique to other cannabis dispensaries?

Kate: At City of Dank you will be treated like family EVERY TIME you stop by. We firmly believe in treating others the way you would like to be treated and it reflects in our customer service!  We will always take the time to go over any and all questions you may have and try to find the perfect remedy for whatever ails you. If you’re just looking to just get stoney and veg out on the couch all day we have that too! That’s the true beauty of City of Dank, bringing medical marijuana & its benefits to the recreational market with all the knowledge behind it to really make a difference.

How has cannabis influenced your own health and wellness?

Kate: Having ADHD and just a general wandering mind. Cannabis really helps ground me and makes my thoughts manageable. Sativas in particular work the best to really concentrate my thoughts and help focus me for my day.

What is your favorite way to use cannabis?

Kate: My favorite way to use cannabis has to be smoking a nice j.  Just something about puffing on a doobie brings me back to the times of stoners in the 60’s. Besides the flavor of the buds are really showcased when rolled up as well as the abundant taste of the terpenes.

What are your top 5 favorite products?

Kate: VetCBD, Northern Lights #5 strain (anyway I can get my hands on it vape or buds), Foria, Ascnd Cart specifically Amnesia Haze and Papa & Barkley

Visit City of Dank at 68444, Suites H-I Perez Rd in Cathedral City to see for yourself.