COACHELLA is a breeding ground for Arrests! It is also an Accident waiting to happen? Whenever thousands of people are crammed together, there is always a potential for needing a lawyer. Cars exit at the same time! People are high from drinking and drugs in the sun! Tempers flare from waiting in lines for entrance and exiting… and inside the event for late bands! Truly, it is a matter of time until an Accident or Arrest brings out Indio’s finest in their Black and Whites.

The most common Arrests are for DUI, Drunk in Public, Possession of Drugs, Minor in Possession and False ID. Thus, during and after the concert, phones ring with clients arrested for these charges, or who have just been in an auto accident.

If these sound familiar, you need a good Local lawyer. Now how do you find a good attorney, and should it be from your home town or a local Coachella Valley attorney?

There are a many reasons to hire a local lawyer…but why local? Initially, Familiarity with local laws and courts is crucial. Your Beverly Hills lawyer will NOT be familiar with the laws and court procedures in Indio’s Larson Justice Center. Convenience is also a consideration. Naturally, a local lawyer will be more convenient and s/he will not have to travel long distances to court and charge you for the extra time.


Reputation is important because local lawyers have been practicing in “your court”. It is important your attorney has an established reputation and knows the DA’s and Judges.

Personalized Attention is also a factor, as local lawyers may able to give you more attention and focus on your case. They are not juggling a large number of cases all over Southern California.

Ultimately, the most important factor when hiring a lawyer for a DUI case, is finding someone who has the Experience and Expertise, to get the best possible outcome for you.

There are a few potential defenses that might be used in an Indio DUI case that are factually driven. Some common Defenses to a DUI charge include a lack of Probable cause. This occurs when the cop did not have a valid reason for stopping your vehicle and thus the evidence may be deemed inadmissible in court. Illegal search and seizure also occurs when the police violate your Fourth Amendment rights by searching your vehicle or seizing evidence without probable cause.

Sometimes the Field Sobriety Tests (FST’s) are Administered properly? These tests can be subjective, and may be administered improperly or evaluated unfairly. A good DUI attorney may be able to challenge the results of these tests. The Breathalyzer may also not be functioning and Calibrated Properly, and also provide a wrong reading. Of course Prescriptions and health conditions may also be a factor.

DUI cases are among the most challenging Criminal cases, as you must deal with the Court and DMV…each independent of the other.  My USC Pre Law/ Pre Med science background helps me understand the chemical tests.

Upon a DUI, the CDL will be taken and the driver will receive a Pink Piece of Paper, which is a Temporary License with the administrative per se info.  It explains the driver has 10 calendar days to request a DMV Hearing and a Stay, which protects the client’s right to a hearing and driving privileges from a suspension. If a hearing is not requested the license will be suspended on the 30th day after the arrest.


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Representing the Seriously Injured and Criminally Accused

I am honored to have defended the rights and dignity, and obtained the best results possible, for Injury Accident Victims and those accused of a DUI or in an accident, for over 30 years.