By Noe Gutierrez

On Friday November 9, 2018 the first Desert Music Rap and Hip-Hop Showcase will be held at The Hood Bar and Pizza on 74360 Highway 111 in Palm Desert, California. The concert will feature live performances from some of the finest lyricists in the desert, THR3 STRYKES, DOZZI DOZ, WILLDABEAST, RAZOR J, AL RO$$I and CKEELAY. The purpose of this event is to further advocate for our Coachella Valley and High Desert original Rap and Hip-Hop artists and present them on a local stage to an expanded audience. Cost of entry is $5 and the doors open at 9 p.m. We ask for you support in continuing to help build the desert music scene and rally around our local artists and further establish our area as a global music destination. CV Weekly, The Hood and Desert Music invite everyone 21+ to attend this unique and extraordinary music event. We checked-in with some of the artists to get their feedback on the show and what they are up to.


“As of late it’s writing and recording sessions for the next LP. Regarding our new video, ‘Hang Em High,’ it’s a crazy story actually,” shared Josh Fimbres. “When we first heard the basic track we flipped out; super heavy beat. We did the sesh with Tariq, a few months go by and we brainstormed the green screen video idea with Chuck Films. A few more months pass and it turns out that 2 Chainz has sampled the beat and we might not be able to use it! For the record, that version was weak. Anyway, more months go by and finally we got the go ahead to use it. We sent it to Mao in Columbia and presto!


“With respect to the showcase, very rarely do we mess with the straight Hip-Hop gigs anymore so I’m looking forward to it, dig? Doesn’t mean I won’t break out an instrument or two and get rock and fuckin’ roll with it. The line-up is also why I’m hyped. I’ve know Will since the MySpace era, Village Lounge days, solid human being. Doz and Rossi I’ve known thru the circuit for many years now; rocked many a stage with those dudes, what up Alex, Dozzi, I don’t get tired! Razor J is a shredder that I’ve gotten to jam and do a few shows with now; a guitarist down with spittin’ darts is my type of guy. Also thanks to CV Weekly, The Hood and Desert Music for putting this together and involving us man, if the scene had more people like Tracy, Phil and Brad it’d be thriving. No need for a scene when your obscene I reckon.”


“I’m excited because it’s been a while since I had a show. I’m looking forward to the showcase because of the diversity. With this much support behind us it’s gonna be a good turnout. Currently, I’m promoting my “Lord Knoz” clothing line. They are jumpsuits that include pants and crew necks. You can find me on Instagram at @dozzidoz. I’m also working on my new EP to be released in early 2019.”


“I feel proud to be one of the artists on the Desert Music Rap and Hip-Hop Showcase for real! There are an abundance of individuals in our desert who produce, write raps, DJ and participate in the culture of Hip-Hop. In other words, there is no shortage of emcees to choose from and I mean that with respect. We have a scene here that needs to be amplified, established and solidified as a strong musical force. So to be selected with other top ranking artists is pretty awesome. I would also like to extend a shout out to Desert Music, CV Weekly and The Hood for facilitating this event and giving us a spot to showcase our craft. One love and God bless! And ya don’t stop!”


“The showcase provides me a great opportunity to show my talent among other talented musicians/artists on the card. I’m pretty good friends with just about everyone on the bill. All I will say is with all of us under one roof and on one stage, it’s going to be crazy. It’s just too much talent in one room!”

“I’m dropping two EPs then doing a big January 2019 show in San Diego called ‘RAP GODZ PT. 4’. I will then be going on tour with Tone the Manager, Dove Shack and other West Coast Legends. AL RO$$I merchandise is on the way and I’m working out a deal with Tone the Manager, CEO of Diverse Entertainment and Management out of Las Vegas, as their newest rap artist!”

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