by Lisa Morgan –


You, my dear shopping divas and maestros, have a problem that you may not be aware of.  There are only 20 MORE SHOPPING WEEKENDS BEFORE CHRISTMAS?!!  It’s true! Now before you frantically check your calendars and begin checking my count, just stop, breathe and continue reading for a moment.  I am here to help.  This is what I suggest you do.  Get out the most comfortable shopping shoes you own along with your coolest summer outfit and get your smart shopping-self down to the College of the Desert Street Fair.   Yes the average temperature is in the triple digits, but the Street Fair is open during the “cool”, and I use the term loosely, hours of the day, 7 am to 12 noon.  And, might I add, if the vendors can handle it so can you!  You’re not going to let a little bit of heat stand in the way of finding those fabulous discounts or the unique gifts, clothing, eyewear, art and accessories that are sure to make your loved ones squeal with delight and joy, are you?   Of course not!  And here’s the clincher:  Did you know that the Street Fair is run by College of the Desert’s Alumni Association?  Over the last 29 years of the Street Fair’s existence, the alumni have raised over 9.3 million dollars to help fund education at College of the Desert.  So, by doing your shopping at the Street Fair, you are actually supporting your local community college and improving educational opportunities for future students thus completely alleviating any guilt or remorse sometimes associated with shopping.

During the height of the season, averages of 15,000 – 20,000 people enjoy this open air market making this the perfect time to take advantage of a less crowded atmosphere while enjoying cool refreshments and the live musical styling’s of the Inka Kings.  The Street Fair is held at the northwest corner of the College Of The Desert campus, located at the intersection of Fred Waring Drive and Monterey Avenue in Palm Desert. There is free admission, parking, and a complimentary golf cart shuttle to and from the parking area.  Please note that due to construction the entrance to the Street Fair entrance is closed at Monterey, but you can easily access the fair from Fred Waring or San Pablo.  For more information visit the website at or call the office at (760) 636-7959.  See you there!

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