By Lisa Morgan
What do you get when you combine two stand-up comedians who are also film makers who also “know people” in the industry and want to make oodles of money, or as they say, “Disney” money? NO! Not an online traffic school!!! You get Comedy Film Nerds – industry knowledge plugged into high voltage comedy giving you hilariously heady pod casts and blogs dissecting film as only Chris Mancini and Graham Elwood can deliver.

For example, episode 159, Chris and Graham welcome comic and film actor, Rick Overton, into the Nerd HQ.  They talk about the 100+ films that he has done.  Graham and Chris tell why Gatsby had many problems despite the good acting.  Then Rick goes into detail about which films he was allowed to improvise on and how Sean Connery would fight anyone. Intrigued? How about episode 156 Chris and Graham are all alone in the “gargoyle garage”!  They have a long talk about Oblivion and what makes a good sci-fi film.  Then they announce that the show is moving to the All Things Comedy network and how that is going to be good for all you fans.  They go over some good DVD titles and discuss whether Graham will break his vow to never see a Michael Bay film because Pain & Gain has a funny trailer.

The site also offers an array of short films that promise to be “worth your time”.   They take on a more serious and professional tone as they explain, “Here, there are no user uploads (at least, not yet).  These are films made by actual filmmakers, mostly even shot on film, not by someone in their basement with a DV camera. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there are other places for it. What we feel we offer has value and we feel artists should be compensated slightly for their work. That’s the philosophy here. So we’re offering the best short films for download. We offer a select few, ones we think are truly special. These are films you’ll want to keep and watch again. What makes you want to watch some movies but own others? Basically, you like the movies you own more. So that’s what we’re offering. Movies you’ll like more. Some are available elsewhere, and some are exclusive to this site. Either way, you’ll enjoy the best short films around without having to slog through a thousand videos of people being hit in the head with a shovel. We only have a few of those.”

The website also delivers all sorts of things related to comedy and film such as articles, reviews, stand-up material and actual films. The team goes behind the scenes and in front of the camera to bring insights that no one else can give, because, as they like to remind us, they “know people”. CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, and a plethora of downloads are available to satiate any movie nerd appetite. You’ll get to know the people involved in the site, and there is a calendar to let you know when and where your favorite comedy film nerd will be performing near you. You can check out where they’ll be performing individually, when they’ll be doing MONTHLY COMEDY FILM NERDS LIVE! at the Hollywood Improv, as well as all the other special shows they’ll be doing all across the country.  These brave souls have even provided message boards so you can let them and everyone else know what you think. A word of caution:  I had a friend who thought he could heckle a stand-up comic once…yes, once.
Fortunately for us here in the desert we will have the distinct opportunity to see these creative, entrepreneurial geniuses live as they will be toppling the entertainment barometer at the AMFM Festival with a reception and comedy show at Mary Pickford Theater.

You can follow the Comedy Film Nerds at or on Facebook at Tickets to the AMFM Festival can be purchased at