By Rebecca Pikus

Furniture Art, Architecture and Design has been around since antiquity, middle ages, and modern times!  Furniture as Art came to the forefront with 20th century Surreal Experimental Furniture by such artists as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, and Dada Art.  In the 21st century, Architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Isamu Noguchi, and Frank Gehry used form and function of furniture design as an important aesthetic factor of built space.

Contemporary artists who use furniture as a medium often share a delightful play on Form and Function — such as German Artists/Designers Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz (“Stuhlhockerbank”, 2009).  Others include Charles and Ray Eames, Wendall Castle, Michael Beitz, Ai Weiwei, Brian Goggin, Hannes Van Severen, Karen Ryan, Pablo Reinoso, Remy Tejo, and Kevin Hunt.  Other notables include Eero Aarnio, Ward Bennett, George Nelson, and Yves Behar.  Although these artists are national and international names — we have our own outstanding talent here in our Desert — for example wood sculptor Richard Reeves of Cathedral City, and Cory Hamilton of Yucca Valley, Ca!

Cory Hamilton is a young emerging artist who has always loved creating art, in all forms. His father has been a contractor for 30 years (Hamilton Builders) and taught him the basics of woodworking from a very young age. Cory began working with his father, learning the trade of building custom homes and businesses and honing his carpentry skills.  He discovered a passion for designing and creating custom furniture, and in the past few years he has been able to transition to his current artistic career.

“I’ve learned from a young age the basics of woodworking from my Father, and how to mix all kinds of construction projects with art. I credit my Dads’ brother Bruce who was my High school art teacher for guiding and counseling me on all the different artistic mediums to work with since I was a young boy. The mediums in which I’ve worked….are: paintings (acrylic and oil), charcoal (drawings), sculpture (clay, wood, concrete) pen/pencil sketching for tattoos, faux painting and custom architectural details and finishes. My love for art, and woodworking has inspired me to create one of a kind custom pieces of furniture and anything art.”  Cory Hamilton was a featured artist in the Hwy 62 Art Tours 2015, and won First Place in the Utilitarian Furniture Division at the 13th Annual Indian Wells Art Festival.

“I thrive on building custom furniture that is unique to the point where it doesn’t really fit into a specific style,” Hamilton said. “It’s tremendously satisfying to see something going from an idea to a detailed design, then the final three-dimensional form standing in front of you.”  Many of Cory’s art clients are from the Greater Palm Springs and Lake Arrowhead area, and he has been contacted by interested buyers on the East Coast.  But Cory endeavors to promote the High Desert, Yucca Valley (his home and workspace), and the artistic community along Highway 62 in the Morongo Basin.

For Commissioned, Custom-Made Furniture-Art, contact CORY HAMILTON:  Hamilton Furniture and Design, Yucca Valley, Ca. / / Email: / (760) 799-8159