By Denise Ortuno-Neil

Most of us have little rituals when we drive out of town. We lock up the house, and maybe for some of us with a touch of OCD, check it again, and again. Gas up the car, check the tires, and then finally, we are on our way. But for me, one other thing that I do, is make sure not to eat before I leave. Not because I’m on some cruel starvation diet, but because I’m preparing my belly for a pit stop for something spicy and ultra-tasty, only 15 miles west of Palm Springs off the I-10. I’m talking about Crazy Coyote Tacos, just a smidge outside of Cabazon, in Banning.

I’m sure that you’ve seen the small, shack like building while whizzing past the Morongo Casino and Outlet Stores. Perhaps you’ve even stopped by Crazy Coyote and tasted the flavorful fare yourself, and if you did, you understand how delicious their food is. It is owned by the Miller family, and has been going strong for the past 17 years. The family, being from the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, infuses Native American cooking, with Hispanic influences resulting in deeply rich, complex flavors. It is amazing what they pump out of their little kitchen.

It’s always a little breezy in Banning, making braving the elements slightly tricky with the eateries walk up window and outdoor only dining. But it is totally worth it. The menu consists of Mexican favorites including tacos, burritos and quesadillas, and is priced moderately. To mix it up a bit, Crazy Coyote offers their beef or chicken tacos in regular or giant size variations (I am addicted to their chicken). The regular comes with optional onions, cilantro and salsa, and the giant size has all of that, plus creamy guacamole, cheese, and of course, a larger tortilla. To compliment your chosen dish, you can select mild or hot salsa, and if you want to step up to the hot, hot level, just order a side of their Ghost Pepper salsa…got leche?


Their quesadillas also come in either size and are oozing with cheese. You can add rice and beans to your order to make it more of a meal, although the giant will surely fill you up. Their Chili Verde Burrito is so succulent, the pork dissolves with every bite…it is my favorite burrito there.

If you want to take home a bit more than a taco to go, Crazy Coyote has you covered. Guests are able to order savory chicken or beef by the pound as well as homemade tortillas to go, so you can make your own crazy creations at home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making a pit stop while driving on your way out of town, or just have a craving for some seriously tasty tacos and don’t mind a little drive. Crazy Coyote Tacos will make your taste buds howl for joy!

Crazy Coyote Tacos is located at 13033 Malki Road, Banning Ca 92220

For more information call (951) 849-2000