By Denise Ortuno

A creative food adventure with organic, locally sourced ingredients awaits you at Cheeky’s in Palm Springs.

The first time that I went to Cheeky’s in Palm Springs, I didn’t know what a phenomenal food experience I was in for. But I had heard so many wonderful things about it, I didn’t mind waiting in their signature long waiting list to get in. It can sometimes be a bit of a wait, but once you’re in, the wait is a distant and insignificant memory.

Open for breakfast and lunch, the menu at Cheeky’s changes weekly, some dishes are staples, but the revolving door of creative fare keeps patrons palates guessing and excited for what’s to come. On my initial visit a while back, I went for breakfast, and they had a dish that I was drawn to immediately. It was Poached Eggs over Duck Confit Hash that got my attention. I remember the eggs being so perfectly poached, they looked like two gorgeous oval pillows, relaxing on a rich bed of Duck Confit Hash. The next couple of times that I went, the dish was still available and I was ecstatic to indulge, although it is not on the menu now. But there’s always something new to entice those buds, such as Prime Rib Cakes, with a grainy mustard sauce, fried eggs and gremolata, and  Panettone French Toast with zabaglione and cranberry pear compote, just to name a few.

Another favorite for breakfast at Cheeky’s is their Bacon Flight. It is five pieces of bacon, dressed up in different flavors. You don’t have to order the whole flight, as you can have just one or two pieces, but why not have all five? It’s bacon after all! The current bacon flavors are, Applewood, Sesame, Jalapeno (my fave), Beeler Apple Cinnamon and Coffee Sugar. It’s a bacon lovers must!

Their innovative creations continue through to lunch. Their Grass Fed Burger is one of Cheeky’s staple items, and there is no question why, it is just a great burger, and the grass fed beef makes an impactful difference. Feel free to add bacon, cheese and/or avocado. The burger comes with, “can’t get enough of them” Pesto Fries. The fries are like the bacon flight, kind of a must. Other current lunch dishes include, Roasted Yam Sandwich with feta, cilantro, red onion, tomato and mayo, and Chicken Milanese with cambozola, cherry tomato, tarragon and arugula, plus many others.

Cheeky’s won’t leave you parched, as they have a variety of fresh juices, and revved up drinks to enhance your foodie fun, such as their Cheeky’s Spicy Bloody Mary, Proper Champagne Cocktail, or Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice, as well as many more.

Every experience that I have had at Cheeky’s in Palm Springs has left me in the Yum zone. Their fresh ingredients along with their creative food focus always brings me back for more, making it a place where I enjoy going on a food adventure. Where will their food adventure take you? Check them out and see.

Cheeky’s is located at 622 N Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs 92262

For more information visit