Rub it. Poke it. Freeze it. Peel it. No matter what the means, we want to stick it to our wrinkles. By any method feasible, we want to make them go away much faster than they came. It’s hard to age gracefully. And with a wrinkle (or two) trying to battle the grand canyon on your facial real estate (perhaps I’m being dramatic), it gets harder to look in the mirror without making more wrinkles smile (or frown) back.

Wrinkle creams and serums are a must-have in every woman and man’s night time routine, but they never seem to be enough. And often times they take as much time to work as it took to birth the wrinkle.

No matter how hard I try I find nothing beats Botox; except for Dysport. Botox is simply a brand that is so popular the new and improved competitor can hardly get any attention. But it should. Dysport is quite possibly a superior wrinkle reducer and here’s why:

The purified proteins both work the same way, being that they block neurotransmitters from sending the signal to move the facial muscles, therefor leaving them in a relaxed state. Dysport contains slightly less protein, therefore making it less likely for the human body to build up the antigen that breaks down the product. This means that Dysport is likely to last longer than Botox.


The molecules are slightly smaller in Dysport, meaning it is able to penetrate faster and take effect sooner. Since Botox can take up to two weeks to take effect (although 5-7 days is average), being able to get results a few days sooner can make a big difference. Injectors report their patients see results in as little as 1-2 days with Dysport. I’ve seen plenty of cases where Botox caused over-correction, leaving patients with a droopy eyelid or two. This over-correction is said to happen a little less often in Dyport users, so that’s a sigh of relief. Of course, the skill and attention to detail the injector possesses could always have a bearing on the results as well.

Dysport is slightly less expensive for physicians to purchase, so patients can only hope the savings will be passed onto them. Patients who are familiar with Botox treatments know that Botox is billed in units. Dysport is also billed in units, but the conversion factor is completely different and Dysport requires about three times as many units to be injected than Botox. But don’t fear. The Dysport units are less than a third of the cost, so it all works out to be just slightly less expensive when you choose Dysport.

Dysport is made by a very reputable company who also produces Restylane and Perlane, two of the best facial fillers on the market. Most cosmetic surgeons will offer their patients a choice between Dyport and Botox products, and often Medicis, the maker of Dysport, will offer rewards and incentives for trying their product. So if you need to cure that crease and your wrinkle cream isn’t doing the trick, make an appointment to get a complementary consultation for Dysport. You might be able to look years younger before the weekend!

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