Thursday, June 1 – Pre-Awards Ceremony @ Big Rock Pub from 7-10pm

Sunday, June 4 – Main Awards Show @ The Riviera from 5-9pm – VIP After party 9:15-midnight

By Tracy Dietlin

The CV Music Awards have grown and now we must spread the event between two nights and two venues. We started with just a few categories five years ago and kept growing: in 2015 we had 28 categories and last year 32. This year we have 37 categories in all genres that the valley got to vote on.

Combine that with the usual 15+ bands that we have perform and that means we had to do something different this year. So like the Grammy’s, Oscars and Golden Globes, who all have separate ceremonies to give out awards in all the categories (hundreds) that you don’t see televised, we will be doing just that by having an additional separate event this year.

Our gracious sponsor, Big Rock Pub, will be hosting the Pre-Party Awards Ceremony on Thursday, June 1 from 7-10pm, where we will announce winners in 13 of the 37 nominated categories. There will also be several performances by nominees. The price for BOTH awards shows will be $25.00 in advance and $35.00 at the door. YES!!! That means $25.00 gets you into BOTH awards ceremonies at Big Rock and The Riviera! The show at Big Rock will have limited seating so I highly recommend you purchasing tickets in advance as you might be turned away at the door due to capacity.


The following categories/awards will be announced at Big Rock: Best Keyboards, Best Bass, Best Local Music Event, Best Jazz Instrumental, Best Club DJ, Best Jazz Vocals, Best Reggae, Best Instrumental Band, Best Duo, Best Club Promoter, Best Adult Contemporary, Best R&B and Best Individual Instrumental.

Nominees performing at the Pre Party event at Big Rock include: Gina Carey, Mikey Reyes & Bryanna Evaro, Derek Jordan Gregg, Mark Gregg, Eevaan Tre, Keisha D and Minor Emergency.

The remaining 24 categories will be given out at the main awards show at The Riviera on Sunday, June 4: (Best Band, Best Rock Band, Best Alternative Band, Best Punk Band, Best Country Band/Artist, Best Metal Band, Best Rap/Hip Hop Artist, Best Blues Band/Artist, Best New Band, Best Youth Band, Best Live Performance Band, Best Cover Band, Best Female Vocalist, Best Male Vocalist, Best Female Frontwoman, Best Male Frontman, Best Guitar, Best Drummer, Best Event DJ, Best Event Promoter, Best Live Performance Venue, Best Unsigned Album, Best Producer and Best Band Photographer, along with our Special Awards: 2 Trailblazer Award recipients (John Stanley King and Ronnie King), 2 Pioneer Award recipients (Scott Reeder and Herb Lienau), a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient (Alvin Taylor) and a new Visionary Award recipient (the AMP Program).

Bands performing at The Riviera are: Alex Santana, Black Water Gospel, The Bermuda, The Brosquitos, Cakes, Caxton, Death in Pretty Wrapping, Drop Mob, Faults of Andreas, The Flusters, 5th Town, Herbert, House of Broken promises, Hollace, Lisa & the Gents and Mighty Jack.

There will also be a Special Performance from Female Vocal Nominees including: Courtney Chambers, Linda Lemke-Heinz, Symara Stone, Lisa Lynn Morgan, Chelsea Sugarbritches, Kelly Derrickson, KT Zapcart, Bri Cherry, and Esther Sanchez, Ali Saenz, Jen Corradi and Sepultura Moon from The After Lashes. These ladies will open the show at 5:00PM sharp so make sure to get there early as you don’t want to miss this amazing performance.

Starting at 4:15 in the lobby of The Riviera grand ballroom, Herbert (Herb Lienau who is receiving the Trailblazer Award), will be performing with his keyboard as attendees are entering the event. Also on hand from 4:45 up until the show starts at 5:00pm Katie Zapcart (percussion), Bri Cherry (violin) and Johnny Robbins (ukulele) will be doing a short instrumental jam, so make plans to arrive early to catch these rare performances as well.

We are also planning a very special VIP After Party for the Main Awards at the Riviera, which will feature a 40 minute collaboration of several of the rap/hip-hop nominees performing including J Patron with Ocho Ojos, Lootenant, Million and Albertini, Thr3Strykes and The Dirty X’s, followed by a set from Long Duk Dong and then closing out the night will be a set by Blackwater.

Emcees for the first half of the show will be Bradley Ryan from Mix 100.5 and Bianca Rae anchorwoman at KESQ and the last half of the show will be hosted by Todd “TK” Killiam from 93.7 KCLB and Morgan James from      .

For those who have attended this in the past you know it’s an event not to be missed. So get your tickets now as the VIP party will also have limited tickets this year. VIP tickets are $50.00 in advance and $65.00 at the door.

Not only did we increase the number of categories this year but we also increased the amount of nominees in many of the categories, giving more bands and artists a chance for exposure, to perform and ultimately win an award.

For tickets call 760-501-6228.

Thank you to our Title Sponsors: Renova Solar, Big Rock Pub, Lulu California Bistro and Alpha Media (93.7 KCLB). Additional Sponsors: Just Tapas, Desert Wraps, Babes Brewhouse, Vektor Vodka, PSA Organica, SIR, DarMar Awards and Bryson Backline Studio.

  • CVMA Female Nominee Supergroup

  • CVMA Visionary Award Recipient - Academy of Musical Performance

CV Music Awards Pre-Party Awards Ceremony at Big Rock Pub – Thursday, June 1

7:00pm Welcome to the 5th Annual CV Music Awards Pre-party ceremony.

7:10 Gina Carey performs

7:20 Best Individual Instrumental Performance

7:30 Derek Jordan Gregg performs

7:45 Best Instrumental Band

         Best Bass

7:55 Keisha D performs

8:05  Best Club DJ

          Best Jazz Instrumental

8:15 Mikey Reyes & Bryanno Evaro Desert Rhythm Project

8:30 Best Jazz Vocals

        Best Local Music Event

8:35 Minor Emergency performs

8:45 Best Reggae Artist

         Best Club Promoter

9:00 Eevaan Tre performs

9:20 Best Keyboards

        Best Duo

9:30 Mark Gregg performs

9:45 Best R&B

9:50 Mark Gregg performs

2017 CVMAs Band and Awards Line up at The Riviera 

– Sunday, June 4

4:15 Herbert performs in the Riviera Grand ballroom entry

4:45 Bri Cherry, Katie Zapcart and John Robbins will be on stage performing a 15 minute instrumental set.

5:00 – Female Performance of Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” with Courtney Chambers, Linda Lemke Heinz, Lisa Morgan, Chelsea Sugarbritches, Kelly Derrickson, Esther Sanchez, Symara Stone, Bri Cherry, Katie Zapcart, Ali Saenz, Sepultura Moon and Jen Corradi

5:10- Welcome to the 2017 CVMAs. Introduction of Bradley Ryan & Bianca Rae cohosts for the first half of the show.

5:15- The Flusters nominated in 7 categories including: Best Band, Best Live Performance Band, Best Alternative Rock Band, Dougie VanSant for Best Frontman, Best Male Vocalist, Best Unsigned Album and Mario Estrada for Best Bass.

5:20  Best New Band

          Best Cover Band

          Best Live Performance Venue

          Best Event Promoter

5:30 Lisa & the Gents nominated for Best Country Band and Lisa Morgan for Best Female Vocalist, Frontwoman and Promoter….

5:35 Announce the winners from the PreParty awards show from Big Rock event.

Best Keyboards/Best Bass/Best Reggae/Best R&B/Best Adult Contemporary/Best Jazz Vocals/Best Jazz Instrumental/Best Club DJ/Best Individual Instrumental Performance/Best Instrumental Band/Best Duo/ Best Club Promoter/Best Local Music Event

5:40        Best Youth Band

                Best Band Photographer

5:45 Present the “Visionary Award” to AMP

5:55 The Brosquitos nominated for Best Youth Band and Best Alternative Band 

6:00    Best Male Vocalist

            Best Female Vocalist     

            Best Drummer   

6:10 Hollace nominated for Best Rock Band

6:15   Best Alternative Band

            Best Producer

6:20 Alex Santana nominated for Best Guitar and Best Jazz Instrumental

6:25   Best Event DJ

           Best Guitar

6:30 CAKES nominated for Best R&B and Best Frontwoman

6:35 “Pioneer Awards” presented to Ronnie King and John Stanley King

6:45 Faults of Andreas nominated for jimi Fitz for Best Adult Contemporary; Jeff Bowman for Best Drums and Mike Pygmie for Best Guitar

6:50   Best Country Band

           Best Live Performance Band

6:55 Tracy Dietlin and Phil Lacombe introduce Morgan James and Todd “TK” Killiam as cohosts for second half of the show

7:00 Drop Mob nominated for Best Metal Band, Best New Band, Best Drummer John Cammacho and Best Frontman Gabe Perez

7:10     Best Blues Band

             Best Rap/Hip-Hop

7:15 Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Alvin Taylor

7:25 5th Town nominated for Best Band, Best Live Performance Band, Best Female Vocalist & Frontwoman (Chelsea Sugarbritches), Linda Lemke Heinz for Best Flute & Keyboards, Martin Barrera for Best Guitar and Josh Heinz for Male vocalist & Best Frontman in his other band Blasting Echo. Super group who won the CV Music Showcase Finals this past April.

7:30    Best Punk Band

            Best Unsigned Album

7:40 Black Water Gospel nominated for Best Blues Band, Best New Band, Best Band, Lance Reibsomer for Best Male Vocalist and Best Bass Dan Wheat, 7:45 TK: Give out more awards

7:45     Best Frontwoman

              Best Frontman

7:55 Mighty Jack nominated for Best Rock Band, Charlie Ellis for Best Keyboards, Aaron Ramson for Best Bass and Jeff Bowman for Best Drummer.

8:00 The Trailblazer Awards presented to Scott Reeder and Herb Lienau

8:20 Caxton nominated for Best Band, Best Alternative Band, Christina Reyes for Best Female Vocalist, Best Frontwoman and Keyboards and Brett McLaughlin for Best Bass.

8:25   Best Metal Band

8:35 The Bermuda  nominated for Best Rap/Hip Hop Band

8:40   Best Rock Band

8:45 Death in Pretty Wrapping nominated for Best New Band, Michael Keeth for Best Male Vocalist, Arthur Seay for Best Guitar and Mike Cancino for Best Drummer.

8:50  Best Band   

Last band of the night House of Broken Promises nominated for Best Metal Band, Best Live Performance Band, Best Drummer and Best Guitar.