Ygrene’s Clean Energy P.A.C.E. Program Provides Immediately Available Funding Assistance to Enable Local Residents To Recover From Storm Damage

The City of La Quinta, the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) and Ygrene Energy Fund, the Valley’s provider of residential and commercial property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing, announced today special assistance to residents affected by the recent flooding.

Assistance will be provided to eligible homeowners through Ygrene’s CV Upgrade Program that provides funding for upgrade or replacement of damaged roofing, skylights, windows, doors and insulation. In addition, landscaping, pool pumps and related equipment, lighting and HVAC units are eligible for replacement with new, more energy efficient equipment.

The Clean Energy CV Upgrade program and Ygrene are offering affected residents that qualify for funding discounted application and program fees. Additionally, the company announced that a special fund that would be established to provide funding for some additional affected homeowners that do not meet program requirements.

“The City has been working nonstop since September 8th to assist residents and properties affected by this extraordinary storm event. Residents asked the City to explore options for financial assistance, and we are pleased to announce that Ygrene Energy Fund, administrators of the Clean Energy CV Upgrade program, have stepped up with special funding for storm damage repairs,” said City Manager, Frank Spevacek. “Qualified properties can use CV Upgrade financing to repair certain types of home damage.”

“Ygrene understands the serious nature of this disaster and its impact on La Quinta residents and businesses,” said Stacey Lawson, CEO and President of Ygrene Energy Fund. “To make it even easier for qualified properties to utilize the CV Upgrade program to fund eligible repairs, we are reducing our program fees by 50%, and we will contribute a percentage of the total amount financed by flood victims to the City to establish a special, relief fund to assist residents who do not have financial assistance available to them.”

Property Owners can use the funding to repair and improve their property. Any type of permanently affixed energy efficient, renewable energy or water conservation project may qualify. For instance, if a person’s landscaping was damaged, the program can fund the repair and upgrade to a new net zero water use landscape. Similarly, the CV Upgrade Program can fund repairs and upgrades for a roof, skylight, pool pump, window, door or other affixed product damaged by the flooding or high winds. Drywall repairs may be eligible if they are part of an insulation or building envelope upgrade project.

The Ygrene CV Upgrade program is commonly being used throughout the Coachella Valley to fund commercial and residential property improvements, financing minimum sized projects of $2,500 with no upper limit. Interested residents should visit www.CleanEnergyCVUpgrade.com. Residents may also call the program toll-free at (877) 819-4736.

For more information, contact:
Josh Zipperman
Burke Rix Communications
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