By Tracy Dietlin

This issue marks CV Weekly’s 8 Year Anniversary. Normally we would be planning our big Anniversary party, but obviously that won’t be happening. At least not right now. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have one; we just don’t know when. Also on hold is our April CV Music Showcase at The Hood and our 8th Annual CV Music Awards that were to be held in June.

There will be a time and place for all these events in the future. Right now we have to come together as a community to stay safe and healthy. So many people’s livelihoods are being threatened right now. You don’t have to actually have the Coronavirus to be affected by all the destruction that is going on.

It breaks my heart to announce that this will be the first week in 8 years that CV Weekly will not have a print issue. We will only be available online. There are several reasons for this. Since our publication is heavily focused on entertainment and events it is hard to fill a paper when everything has been or is being cancelled. Things aren’t going from bad to worse on a daily basis but on an hourly basis at this point. I also do not want my husband, Phil, and his Uncle Billy out delivering papers all over the valley taking the chance of being exposed to the virus. And of course there’s the fact that hardly any of the places we deliver to are open. So we will take it week by week for now, but make no mistake…CV Weekly will be back in print as soon as possible.


I would like to take this time to thank all of our readers and advertisers from the last 8 years for supporting us. I would like to thank all of my writers that make this publication so good. This week also marks the 7 year Anniversary of Robert Chance being my Art Director and I want to thank him for always being so amazing. A big shout out to Billy Westley for driving to LA every week to pick the paper up and assisting Phil in delivering. Thank you to Bobby Taffolla for handling our online and website. You are about to get a whole lot busier my friend. I also want to thank “my man” Phil Lacombe for being my rock during this difficult time and my daughter Michelle Brewer for everything she does to support me and CV Weekly.

I would love to post all the closures happening right now in the CV, but again, because it is minute to minute, everything I wanted to post earlier today and even 10 minutes ago is old news….so…now that we will only be online for a while, we will be posting new daily content throughout the week so check in with us daily. Stay safe and healthy out there. Let’s take this time to be kind to each other. We are all in the same boat…some of us have bigger holes in out boats than others. Let’s offer each other a life raft when and where we can.