By Sunny Simon

Thinking about opening your own business but uneasy about taking the plunge? The plight of an entrepreneur is nothing less than a roller coaster. The highs are exhilarating but someone once described the lows like “dancing backward through quicksand.” Leaving the corporate pack and going it alone is indeed a challenge. Why is it that some individuals prefer striking out on their own? Multiple reasons including the freedom to dance to the beat of your own drum. I recently interviewed a trio of women clients about what motivates them to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Ellen, who has freelanced for the past 25 years, states she loves the freedom and flexibility but realistically admits “there is the price of the unknown as far as when and where work comes from and no paid benefits.” A true believer in flying solo, her final word on the subject is: “I would not do it differently.”

My client Irma recently decided to explore unchartered territory. A few months ago she left a prominent executive level position with a firm she was with for 15 years to start a new company. Irma is unafraid to dream and certainly no stranger to hard work. I have no doubts about her success. When questioned about taking a risk, Irma quipped, “You cannot get where you want to be if you’re standing still.”


Dominique, who is embarking on launching another business to add to her already successful entrepreneurial portfolio, got her first taste of running a business five years ago. Undaunted by job loss, Dom and her husband moved to the Coachella Valley and opened a computer repair business. She believes in their new venture so wholeheartedly Dom says, “I’d be willing to gamble the security of a great job to start out on my own!”

Striking out on your own is life changing Dom advised. “When you say, I have an idea, what you are really saying is, I want to change the world. Everything around us starts as an idea. Sometimes you believe in an idea so much that you’re willing to risk everything to make it happen and change a little piece of the world.”

Have a business idea niggling at the back of your mind? In his new book, “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine advises now is “the time to take the ride.” Remember, vision without action is nothing more than a fairy tale. Like Dominique, Irma and Ellen you may find entrepreneurship will take you exactly where you want to be.

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