By Heidi Simmons

First thing you notice about DeAnn Lubell is her calm, relaxed demeanor. A Public Relations Consultant and independent writer, Lubell has been a presence here in the Coachella Valley since 1991. She has written for popular publications, represents some of the valleys most important organizations, and she’s a novelist.

“The story found me. I didn’t go seeking it,” said Lubell about her novel, The Last Moon, which came out in 2010. It has since won four national awards. “The way the story unfolded over the years, I knew it had to be written and I was the only one who could do it,” she said. A historical novel, the story centers around the eruption of Mt. Pelée on the island of Martinique. On Amazon the book continues to receive excellent reviews.

When she was nine year old, Lubell knew she wanted to write and even tried her first novel. “I love adventure and I love stories,” said Lubell “I like discovering interesting stories, finding out what makes people tick, what makes myself tick. Using words, I like to make people laugh and cry.”

In her first month of college at the University of Denver she got a job as a stringer with the city newspaper, the Gunnison Globe, earning three cents a word. The editor loved her “gumption.” Her favorite stories to write were personal profiles and human-interest.

Talking with Lubell, her integrity and enthusiasm is energizing. “I set goals for myself, where some people say they are unrealistic — it only makes me more determined. I go out of my way to make whatever it is happen. When I set my mind to it, it gets done.” Her business motto is: Always give my best — and then some.

Most of Lubell’s clients are nonprofits. Taking organizations she believes in gives her a sense of satisfaction that her work really makes a difference. One of Lubell’s clients is the beloved valley charity Angel View. This year she will be putting on their 60th anniversary celebration.

Lubell is proud of what the charity has done over the years and how it has matured to serve the changing needs of the CV. The party is certain to honor those who have helped make the organization a continued success.

Lubell really is a great storyteller. One of her best is how she met her husband, valley resident, Lee Ames. Both Lubell and Ames had lost their first loves. It is a romantic tale of a secret and distant love, patiently waiting and wanting until the stars aligned. It seems the two were destined to be together. Lubell is a newlywed. She and Ames were married in June. With mutual love, admiration and respect, it is easy to understand why Lubell is content and relaxed.

Today, Lubell works with just one assistant and is maintaining less than a dozen clients so she can focus on promoting her book. She has finally found the right mix of work and pleasure.

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