Photo By Chris Miller

By Noe Gutierrez

DEATH IN PRETTY WRAPPING return to The Hood Bar and Pizza stage on Friday, February 16, 2018 to perform live along with SE7EN4, MEGA SUN and SLEAZY CORTEZ Doors open at 9 p.m. and the show is presented by Coachella Valley Weekly and will be hosted by ‘The Moderator of Metal,’ Phil Lacombe. Entry fee is $5.00. I caught up with Michael Keeth (vocals), Arthur Seay (guitars) and Derek Wade Timmons (bass) to check in on DiPW.


CVW: What’s the most exciting part of being the lead vocalist for DiPW?


KEETH: “I love the camaraderie of being in a band, especially with such talented musicians as these guys. Cancino, Seay, and I go back pretty far now. We’ve had some ups and downs and become stronger friends and bandmates because of it. Timmons is a great bassist and a truly good human being. We have a band/brothers scenario that is rare, and I’m thankful for it. 

And performance-wise we all feed off of each other’s stage energy, so every show is exciting.”  

CVW: I’ve seen and heard you perform in acoustic settings and in fully-plugged situations. Your range is broad. Are you ever surprised by your vocal abilities once you hit the mic fronting DIPW?

Photo By Chris Miller

KEETH: “I’m always pushing to be stronger vocally. I love the nuance of acoustic performances. But DiPW pushes me to hit higher, longer, stronger notes; and also to fully embody the emotions of the lyrics with the high energy physical performance. It’s freeing to be able to lose myself against the wall of sound that these guys make.”

CVW: You have created a career from your music and are the prototype for many local musicians. What is the most pertinent piece of information a musician must consider prior to ‘jumping’?

KEETH: “Make it your own. Don’t compare yourself to other artists’ success or style. Own what you do, put your heart and effort into it, and you’ll find your audience.” 

CVW: What hard/heavy rock music do you listen to when it’s time to bang your head?

KEETH: “I own every SEVENDUST record after Animosity. I love them! And too many others to list. I like some pretty heavy stuff, but it has to have melodic elements for me to really get into it.” 

CVW: You have many roles you fill and I know the kind of father and husband you are is a priority for you. What would you like to say about your family as they continue to be your inspiration? 

KEETH: “They are my world. My wife Jodi is my rock and best friend. She makes me whole. My kids are little rockstars; kind, smart and funny. I want to be the best example I can be for them.”

CVW: DiPW rock very hard and I can imagine that it has to be reigned in from time to time. If you were required to have a “safe” word for Arthur, Mike & Derek, what would that safe word be?

KEETH: “Greazy bacons or maybe the safe word should be Judi Dench?”


CVW: What’s the most exciting part of being the guitarist for DiPW?

SEAY: “I really enjoy playing with these fine gentlemen live on stage and am looking forward to writing and recording new material and all of that is very exciting!”

CVW: You are one of the best guitarists in the rock world. If you could bottle your drive what would be the main ingredient?

SEAY: “I don’t know about that but thank you for your kinds words. I definitely work very hard at what I do. Main ingredient? Perseverance! Endeavor to Persevere!”

CVW: You have created a career from the music world. What else is there for you to conquer?

SEAY: “I directed and shot a lot of the new HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES video for the song “Toranado” which will be posted on our YouTube Channel next week. I am diving more into shooting, directing and editing video. I have a 20 minute short horror film I’ll be shooting at some point but my main focus is still music and getting shit done!”

CVW: Favorite hard/heavy rock music?

SEAY: “Lately, none… lol. All the classic stuff like Sabbath and Scorpions, but mostly I listen to a lot of Motown, Beatles and Tom Jones. He collaborated with pretty much everyone back in the day and it’s all sick!”

CVW: You have a quiet & sensitive side to you. What would surprise your fans the most about you?

SEAY: “My acute case of social anxiety! And yes, I’m a teddy bear inside, but if you piss me off you get the grizzly! My two little doggies keep me sane; Flop and Pork Chop… lol. I would have some sort of big ass dog (someday) but I have two little ‘cutie poos’ that keep daddy happy with snuggles.”

CVW: DiPW safe word?

SEAY: “Figure it the fuck out!”


CVW: What’s the most exciting part of being the bassist for DiPW?

TIMMONS: “Badass riffs! Playing in a band with people whose albums I was buying before I ever knew them is a trip too. Challenging myself to play with some talented dudes!”

CVW: You’re one of the best musicians in the desert. What is your approach to the music and performing with DiPW?

Photo By Chris Miller

TIMMONS: “Hardly! Muchas gracias, though. I am fortunate to play in bands where the bass has a large role, so I just try to be that wave in the middle of the music and keep it interesting. Eddie Plascencia’s bass lines are a ton of fun. It’s great to be able to step away from the microphone and focus solely on bass too. Keep it solid, keep it energetic and keep it fun!”

CVW: What is the most pertinent piece of information a musician must consider prior to pursuing becoming a member of a band?

TIMMONS: “Can I contribute something worthwhile? Can I learn from this? Can we all stand in a small room and practice the transition into the third verse of that one song twenty times without wanting to choke each other?”

CVW: Favorite hard/heavy rock music?

TIMMONS: “Hmmm new to old, to name a very few; THE SWORD, BARONESS, CLUTCH, a ton of local stuff, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX, MONSTER MAGNET, WHITE ZOMBIE, PRIMUS, BLACK SABBATH, ZZ TOP, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD and a million others!”

CVW: You’ve held different roles in several bands. Describe your experiences thus far in one paragraph.

TIMMONS: “Well, it took some years to get myself into bands where the bass has a large role like I like. I get bored holding down the bottom under multiple guitars, call me selfish! Playing classical music in college on an upright is something I now miss. Learning covers makes you better. Writing your own music makes you better. Being a vocalist while being a bassist is harder than I initially anticipated, and absolutely worth it. Writing my own music has made me the laziest and slowest guy ever when it comes to learning other people’s riffs. I need to practice more!”

CVW: DIPW safe word?

TIMMONS: “Rhubarb…No, wait…Kitty cat…Nah, rhubarb.“

DiPW is soulful and sexy heavy rock that has been in the works for the last 16 years. Mike Cancino, Keeth, Seay and Timmons are phenomenal at their respective crafts and we are privileged that they call the Coachella Valley their home. Take the time, make the effort and shell out the $5 to be a part of the scene; because…YOU ARE THE SCENE!

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