By Sunny Simon

Last week we celebrated our country’s birthday. Our founding fathers made it possible for the people to declare themselves free and independent. They stepped out into uncharted waters with little more than the firm conviction of doing the right thing. Believing in their goals, actions and abilities they formed a new nation.

While watching our spectacular local fireworks on the 4th I reflected on being free, independent and goal oriented. Remembering that half the year had already expired, I thought about my list of goals and scheduled time during the week to review my progress.

My question for you is, from what are you declaring your independence? As you begin, continue or re-energize actions on the goals you established back in January, ask yourself this question: Am I moving forward with confidence in my actions and abilities? If the answer is not a firm “you bet,” then follow along as you have some work to do.

Granted it is not always easy to be truly independent of fears casting off doubts as if they are nothing more than minor annoyances. Moving confidently in the direction of your dreams and possessing bold confidence in your abilities and actions takes conviction. Let’s examine the depth of your conviction by rewinding a bit. No doubt when you established your annual goals you were excited about how much you could accomplish and what successful execution would yield. Take some time to renew your spirit by visualizing the outcome. If you intended to double the size of your client base, see yourself managing the sizeable growth in your business. If the goal means finding a more satisfying job, conjure up an image of getting up in the morning excited about your work.

Next, let go of any fear surrounding your goals. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the size of a goal, break it down into smaller increments. For example, make it less scary by committing to increase your client base in smaller monthly goals versus the twelve month end point.

Warning: bumps in the road are part of the process. You may make missteps but the key to success is your ability to get back up when knocked down. No staying out for the count. Come back fighting and analyze your errors. You can move forward, confident in what you’ve learned knowing that lesson will help you next time around.

Now is the time to declare yourself free from whatever is holding you back. Remember the fortitude of our founding fathers, press on and take those steps to reach your personal independence.

Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at