By Morgan James

Sometimes in life you wander upon magic. Not a rabbit being pulled out of a hat hocus pocus or slide of the hand card trickery, but the magic of humanity as camaraderie. Music has long inspired a great many things and being involved in the Coachella Valley music scene for a few years now myself, I have felt the passion of performance in the local musicians and the excitement revealed among the eagerly supportive audiences. However, even throughout the last few years experiencing this power and warmth that music can inspire, this night was special. July 14th’s Desert Acoustic Sessions at Plan B Live Entertainment & Cocktails was packed with powerful performances by talented Coachella Valley local musicians and an audience full of supportive fans, friends, and fellow artists and entertainers. It was definitely a night to remember.

Up on stage first was Rob Lawrence who effectively organized the show and who always entertains the crowd. Upbeat and fun filled music, Rob got the show started right. Following Rob was Buz Blvd- a seasoned musician and very genuine person, Buz played a few fan favorites keeping smiles on the sea of crowd faces. Next to grace the stage was the illustrious Courtney Chambers who not only pours her soul into her original tunes, but touches the souls of those around her with her music. Popular performer Dougie VanSant played after Courtney, accompanied by his Flusters bandmate Danny White. Dougie wowed the audience with strong melodies and intriguing lyrics. Another popular valley entertainer, Eevaan Tre, was in full force and really kicked things up with his confident swagger across the stage. Next, a surprise song as David Morales serenaded the audience with a bold and heartfelt tune which was a pleasure to the ears. Still more performances, next being Giorg Tierez who rocked his set of tunes. A special treat was still in store as Josh Heinz sang a touching song about his son that included incredible guitar player, Martin Barrera and queen of powerful vocals, Chelsea Sugarbritches, in his set. Rounding up the night, crowd on its feet, was Lance Riebsomer belting out his moving music, reaching into the hearts and minds surrounding.

Another great reason that Desert Acoustic Sessions was such a success, overflowing with fans occupying every barstool, stealing a shot at rarely empty table and chairs, laughing heard from the outside patio, cheering from behind the pool tables, the crowd rushing the stage swaying in time, was the support for the entertainment being provided. After the show, many patrons stayed late into the night to shake the hand of a musician who wowed them, complimenting their song choice, or performance. Most of these, musicians themselves, or long-time supporters of the music scene in the Coachella Valley had an underlying feel of family. Maybe you had to be there to appreciate the magic that Desert Acoustic Sessions was, but it was magic and I was happy to have experienced it.

Plan B Live Entertainment & Cocktails hosts live music every week and keeps a very full event schedule. The venue is located at 32025 Monterey Ave (corner of Monterey and Ramon, just North of the 10 freeway). Plan B also boasts very affordable drinks, three pool tables, darts, shuffleboard and Red’s Rockstar Karaoke.