By Mike Bennet

It’s truly amazing just how many historic places are tucked away all around us. As far as I know Desert Christ Park is not recognized as a historical monument, but it sure looks like it should be. The first statue by Frank Antone Martin was dedicated on Easter Sunday in 1951!
It’s always a little cooler in Yucca Valley and something about that stretch of curvy highway just before Morongo makes me feel like I’m going somewhere fun.
So take Hwy 62, take a left on Pioneer Town Road, take a right on Sunnyslope. If you miss Desert Christ Park, you are blind and should not be driving a car.
These steel reinforced concrete statues are immense. Each group of statues re-enacts a scene from the story of Jesus Christ; The Woman at the Well, The Sermon on the Mount, The Last Supper, Suffer the Children, The Resurrection.
I really dig that some of the statues are weathered and broken. The rock chapel is amazing work. When I left, I felt like I had been to Jerusalem in the desert. It’s kid and dog friendly and a nice little spot  (close to the main Highway) to visit next time you pass through or for a nice relaxing local escape for a half day.
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Drive safe and enjoy the scenery.