In foretelling what Coachella Valley and High Desert Music will bring in 2019, I envision more of the same 2018 delivered to us but on a higher plane. I may be without the gift of prophecy, but I know our artists. They are some of the finest in the world. This week Coachella Valley Weekly posed the questions; what do you hope to achieve and what do you foresee as your biggest obstacle(s) in 2019? As well as asking artists to send a message to their fans here and around the world. Here are their responses:

When Tides Turn

“2019 is hopefully going to be an even bigger year for us. We are releasing our EP and we already have a bunch of shows lined up well into February, as well as starting to write new material, which we are very excited about. Our biggest obstacle is going to be trying to fit in everything we want to do this year.”

“Thank you! We can’t express how much everyone’s support has helped us over the year and how much we appreciate everything that we have been lucky enough to experience. We want you to know that 2019 is going to be a game changer for us and we hope to see you all there!”


Mega Sun

“What we hope to achieve and see as our biggest obstacles are definitely getting our music to our fans, recording a full-length album and finally getting some merch together. We were definitely premature in the game and were not prepared for the momentum we had. We also hope to book a tour at some point. 

To our fans, readers and everyone else around the world, thank you for your continued support. We have an amazing music scene here in the desert. We are more in the game than ever before and look forward to our growth in 2019.”

The CMFs

“We hope to continue in mastering our craft and playing shows in as many new cities and towns as possible in 2019. Releasing our album and building a store will definitely be the main focus of the year, as well as gearing up and preparing to head out onto the road and spread our tunes as far as we can go. We’ve began to venture out of our local market slowly but surely and plan to use that experience and exposure to push us further and further across the country!

We’d like to thank our fans for all the love and support we’ve received this year! Be sure to keep an eye out for our up and coming album and more exciting news in 2019!”


“We’ve beat many things that have faced a way in front of us, one thing in particular has always been releasing music. We have so much music in our little Audio Workspace – but we have always wanted to make it perfectly perfect before we release. So all in all, let’s get some more music out from Rival Alaska! Our goals have mostly been kept to ourselves, that way we can celebrate our quiet victories, and learn from our failures as a brotherhood. Either way we are certain 2019 calls for the biggest year of our lives. 

Thank you dearly for everything you’ve done for us. We’ve had such a rough year, and couldn’t believe how we made the seas for you to float in. We apologize; we hope to find more connection between the community, our fans and our friends within our new project. This is it. We feel the best in our new skin, and couldn’t have gotten here without any of you. If we started making a list of people to thank on our behalf, we are bound to leave someone out. You all know who you are. We will make all of you proud. Rival Alaska is forever.”


“In 2019 we will release a new studio album and a live album, working with more venues and bands in and outside of the valley, as well as a possible music video.

To our fans; think for yourself and don’t let others push you around. Thanks for supporting us and giving us the energy and motivation to continue writing and performing and getting better.”


“Our idea going into 2019 is absolutely no rules. Which sounds cliché. It’s a very interesting time for us and to have any rules would hold us back. This is both our biggest goal as well as possibly our biggest obstacle. We’re looking forward to it.”  PHOTO BY SCOTT FREEMAN

Chad Cancino of BOHEMIO

“I am so excited to continue my studio recording collaboration with Manuel Montoya. No obstacles, it’s all step by step.
I am forever grateful to all who have been by my side and continue to do so. Stay on your path to achieve your goals. Only you know this path.”

Aaron Merc of Black Market Jazz

“What I want to achieve…I just wanna make sure I can look back at 2019 and know I made some notable progress in my playing; and life is the obstacle. Balancing everyday life and shedding; i.e. jobs, family, friends. Really gotta do some heavy time management.

My message…If you haven’t, try and learn something about music. Anything. You don’t have to play an instrument or even own one. Take a random class about chords, read a book, ask a knowledgeable musician questions. Every day, everywhere we go there is music playing around us, why not learn a tiny bit about it. Just my two cents.”

Derek Wade Timmons of Sleazy Cortez

“New recordings! The debut of Diesel Boots. The biggest obstacles are always time and money!

Say Yes to Drugs. Harm the Homeless.”



“Every year the goal for me is to play as much music as possible. I feel pretty lucky that I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do since I was a kid at least part of the time. 2019 is already looking like an incredibly busy year starting off with a U.S. Mondo Generator tour that goes right into a European John Garcia and the Band of Gold tour, European Mondo tour after that and working on the new Mondo record. Judging by the first few moths I think 2019 is gonna be a crazy year and I’m really excited about it.

Thank you so much. It’s everybody’s participation and support in their local music scenes that allows musicians to do what they love and it’s very much appreciated.”

Brian “Puke” Parnell of Throw The Goat and Regurgitation Records

Photo By Esther Sanchez

“We’ve got some new recordings in the can already with plans to record more soon. So there will be another music release in 2019. Also some pretty big shows in the first few months of the year, which will be announced soonish. The biggest obstacle for any band is keeping the trajectory going and keeping people interested amid a world of distractions. It definitely ain’t easy.

We have nothing but eternal love and gratitude for The Goat Tribe around the world. Thank you so much for your support this year, the years preceding and for the foreseeable future. Keep the scene alive and remember that music is the one thing that unites us all.”


“We are already booking more weddings and events than ever before and we want to really push that in 2019. We are also excited to partner with Desert Arc on a continued basis. We would love to see their programs grow as a result of our growing contributions. As we grow, we really look forward to being able to give more. Our biggest challenge will be building out our other services. We want to build out a recording studio/practice facility and start a tutoring division for music. Pivoting to non-gigging ventures will be tough for us but we are excited for the challenge. 

Share your gifts. Whatever that gift is, look for ways to give it to someone who needs it.”

Danny White of The Flusters

“I’d like to play some more shows around the country and possibly in other countries. And to write another 12 songs. And keep growing Idyllwild Organics, launch a website and finishing all the labeling to where it can go on shelves around the country.

The best thing I ever did was to start investing In myself in every way. I started teaching myself and financially investing in ideas I had. Now I’ve worked for myself since the summer of 2017 when we went on tour.” 

Bobby Taffolla of Perishment

“As far as 2019, we are hoping to create new music again. As a band and as individuals and other projects. Also looking to release our entire back catalog remixed and remastered. I would say for Perishment the challenge remains the same, being we are all adults with responsibilities; we can’t play in the amount we did say 2-3 years ago. But we will continue our ‘quality over quantity’ philosophy. As our bassist Aaron said, we define the music, it does not define us.

Thanks to everyone who has attended a show, bought a record and streamed a song! We value each and everyone one of you. We cannot say what the future holds, but we can guarantee whatever it is, it will be with the same DIY aesthetic philosophy we’ve been reppin’ for the last 10 years and it will be delivered without compromise or apologies. Cheers!”

Aaron C. Ramson of Perishment

“Bobby and I will be writing and releasing new music under a new band, the challenge will be in finding a front man or woman who’s able to embody our new ideas. Finding quality musicians out here who aren’t already in 20 bands is always a challenge! New music coming atcha! 2019 is going to be the best stuff yet!”

Nico Flores of Se7en4

“What we hope to achieve in 2019? Best Punk Band! Best Front Man! Best Guitarist! Best Drummer! Best Bassist! at the CV Weekly Music Awards. The only obstacle we have to overcome is finding time to play as much as we’d like to.”

“Say No to Drugs!”

Matt King of FrankEatsTheFloor

“We hope to keep riding the wave of success that has taken us to where we are now, hopefully branch out to L.A. or Riverside and continue to grow FrankEatsTheFloor. College is our biggest obstacle right now, as we are reaching adulthood and have an uncertain future.

Thank you to everyone who has ever seen us perform or wrote about us or purchased/streamed our music! Because of you, we are able to live our dream and I know that this dream will never die.”

Joseph Beltran of FrankEatsTheFloor

“In 2019, I hope that the boys and I are able to produce more incredible music for everyone to enjoy, in other words make another album! The biggest obstacles for me are to be able to improve my skill as a musician and being able to apply those skills to contribute to the band.

To everyone out there; Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make your dreams come true because, in this world, you can do or become anything that you set your mind to.”

Justin Ledesma of Sunday Funeral

“We’re going to make more music videos and play more out of town shows. I’d really like to record with a big band or big horn section for our upcoming CD.

From all of us at Sunday Funeral, to all of you out there in radio land. We hope you’re somewhere warm and safe and with someone you love. Goodnight!”

Linda Lemke Heinz of 5th Town and Blasting Echo

Photo By Laura Hunt Little

5th Town’s album will be released early in the New Year and Blasting Echo’s will follow. I’m ready to kick these birdies out of the nest to see how far they’ll fly. Shooting videos, too.

5th Town fans: Stay tuned for info on our album release party and some new merch. We’ve got new songs cookin’ too! Thanks for your support!” 

Christian Colin of Giselle Woo and the Night Owls

“In 2019 it would be nice to drop two Night Owls EPs and travel with them. I’ve been working on some arrangements for a jazz combo as well. Looking forward to pulling the right musicians together for that. I feel like the only obstacle is how many shows we can book. Hopefully the world can see the sound we’re cultivating in the desert right now. It means a lot to a lot of us and we all believe in what we’re doing.

We are desert musicians, this is our sound, listen for a bit and be a part of this.”

The Hellions

“Produce a new album and see where the wind takes us… You know, somewhere beyond the valley (and country!)

We are eternally grateful for all the support throughout the years and we share in the excitement of every show and song that you have enjoyed being a part of. Get ready for more Hellions action in 2019!”

Red ES of Empty Seat 

“In the new year we are looking forward to getting to know the desert scene better. Meet new people and bands. As far as achievements, we want to get our new music recorded. It has been a very long time since we have released new music. It’s time! Biggest obstacles? Half of us now live in the Coachella Valley and the other half live in Hesperia and El Monte. So making the effort to get together often would be our biggest issue but we enjoy playing music and make it work so I don’t see it as an obstacle. It’s what we love to do. We are in competition with no one. We just love to have a good time and play.

Look out 2019 here we come! Thanks! Happy New Year!”

Ronnie King, Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musician and Philanthropist 

“I’m excited about my orchestral record. It’s a cultural record with artists from around the world. My book, behind the scenes look at music and studio sessions from my Death Row, Ruthless and Punk years at Epitaph Records, touring and the change in the industry.

Never give up on your dreams. My influencers in my life from authors Dr. Joseph Vitale (The Secret) to Lisa Haisha (The Soul Blazing) have given me new look on life and clarity for my life…find a mentor it works!”

ARTHUR SEAY of House of Broken Promises, Unida and ApeSh!t

“For 2019, a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame! Anybody want to donate $10,000 for mine? A new HOBP record will finally be released in 2019 followed by European, Balkans, Japan and Australian tours to support. A new DiPW album! A new APESH!T album! UNIDA ???? An obstacle is whether I should buy a Tesla or a BMW or maybe even an End of the World Doomsday vehicle or all 3! I don’t see obstacles, and if some arise I crush them or find ways around them over them or whatever it takes. If everything was easy everybody would be doing it, whether it’s music or whatever you strive to achieve. Be smart. Nothing always goes your way for most people, be positive and keep at it! Endeavor to persevere! I am a’ Lifer’ in this, nothing’s gonna stop me from achieving my goals. C’mon NOW!

Thank you for all of your support brothers and sisters, there is a lot of amazing things coming your way from us! Support your scene because you are the scene!”

JIMMY PALMER of Faults of Andreas, 111 Guitars and the Guitar ER

“Learning the language of the CNC will be a challenge but all good things don’t come easily. I’m really looking forward to making a few guitars for people to play then just one custom guitar at a time. I’m also looking forward to not always  re-creating the wheel in the Guitar build for each customer as much as making a guitar that will put the Coachella valley on the map and a guitar that  fits all styles of music of rock jazz country blues reggae..etc….. I will be presenting to the world the debut of the 111 Hombre Custom Guitar at the garden jam music festival on April 5th and 6th 2019 at the Indian Wells tennis Garden., Brother Jimi Fitz has been so kind to allow me to have a small booth there to premiere it.

To Jimmy Palmer’s Friends, Fans … 2019 is going to be a year Never to be forgotten… lots of hard work paying off and more to go … it’s like stalactites and stalagmites one day they will eventually going to touch !!! I’m so excited to see my future like I’ve never seen it before. I had a yoga teacher tell me after class back in 2011 She said, ‘Jimmy don’t look at the Eye of the bird ….look at the retina.’ Love that analogy and that’s my mantra.. I see it very clearly.”

BRAD GARROW of Brain Vat and Dead End Studios

“We’re currently finishing the record we’re working on. The biggest obstacle is the distance between all the band members.

Stay tuned for our latest release. So far, it’s sounding killer! Thank you for all your support it means a ton!”


“As for 2019, we wanna keep pushing forward. We want to get our new tunes out there. We want to write more songs, play more shows and grow more as a band. We just wanna rock and have a good time with good people, so if ya hear we’re playing, come on out and head bang with us. And remember to support your local music scene, because your favorite band started out as a local band at some point. Cheers you mothafuckas!” 

“I hope to achieve better music with a better message, being present and more aware of what’s going on around me, giving more, helping more, and building better relationships with the people in my life. Biggest obstacles will be not getting distracted and trying not to lose sight of what matters most.
Count your blessings, give thanks, forgive and don’t take your loved ones for granted.”

Chelsea Sugarbritches of 5th Town and Long Duk Dong

“In 2019 I hope to achieve more music and more events. Thanks to everyone in our awesome music scene for being so supportive of each other. That’s what makes our community so special! Cheers!”

Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal

“I plan to release several records…end dependence upon foreign oil, expose the ‘#’ or ‘hashtag’ Nazis and to stay Horny…it seems our biggest obstacle is the ‘hashtag’ Nazis!

“I love you, oh Lovers of Rock’n’Roll…I will never stop and I’m always here if you need me!”

Benny Cancino, Jr. of Kelly Derrickson, The Whizards and Aphrodisiac Jacket
“In 2019 Kelly Derrickson and myself are hitting the ground running with 5 festival dates in Colorado starting Jan 17th and setting up much more into the summer! Proud of that!”
“Keep playing. You only get better playing.”

Jimi “FITZ” Fitzgerald of Faults of Andreas and CV 104.3

“Continue to learn and improve as a singer/songwriter/performer. Looking forward to the return of our band FAULTS OF ANDREAS. Excited about our GARDEN JAM MUSIC FESTIVAL this year with some amazing award winning talent not to mention the first time ever U.S. debut performance by TOBY LEE from The UK who Joe Bonamassa calls the ‘Future of the Blues’. We’ll have a 2nd stage for the first time with special guests. Continuing to grow my morning multi-genre radio show, FITZ IN THE MORNING on CV 104.3FM. Continue to advocate for the homeless, our veterans and children. So little time and so much to do, really.”
“There’s No Easy Way Out! Focus on celebrating our similarities because we’re NOT THAT DIFFERENT after all!”

Kelly Derrickson

“We are getting ready to write our new album in 2019 and will discuss deeper these issues that affect us all.”

“I love making music and I live to make a change that will truly impact our lands hearts and minds of the people through lyrics and song. When we speak about the planet and the earth don’t you want to continue to live In freedom and smell see and feel the beauty and magic of mother nature? As we continue to rape and deplete it, it will eventually die of a broken heart. Mother Nature is strong but she is connected to each person on this planet like a vein. She needs us to wake up connect and protect her. It’s time to plug into each other every living cell animal and mammal on this planet and nourish the universal soul!”

Razor J

“I hope to release another project; I’ve been writing and recording working on ideas for a full project. I also want to make a live one-take performance video of one of my songs, with a full live band including bass, drums, keys, horns and string players. That’s the most challenging thing I’m working on, it’s a very ambitious project that will be hard musically, I’m literally writing sheet music for musicians that will be involved, but it will also include a lot of technical hurdles, and involve a large group of people. But more videos, bigger and better shows, new music all of that is on the agenda. Also, I’m producing and working on a project for a singer named Ayana, I believe she’s going to be a huge popstar!”

“To everybody who has listened to my music and/or vibed at a show, thank you. To everyone who has reached out to me and said my music made them reflect or think, or even dance, thank you. I can honestly say I’m the most focused I’ve ever been in my life, and doing better health wise and mindset wise than I ever have so I promise to anyone who has enjoyed my music, I will continue to make the best music I can possibly make. To all those who haven’t heard of me, I really feel one day you probably will. The amount of drive, clarity and focus I have right now will take my music to the next level. I really believe that.”


 “In 2019 I hope to be one of the biggest names known on a global scale let alone locally, yet an obstacle I do see is the direction that music is heading, specifically Rap/Hip-Hop, because the style switches up a lot but I have learned to adapt yet still stay original to myself.”

“To all my fans, thank you for rocking with me through this journey and I hope you continue to ride with me till the wheels fall off. To everyone else, I hope you listen to my music and love what some people already do. New music, videos, and moves on the way!”

Diane “Deedles” Schurr
“Obstacles are always about how to keep gigging when clubs, concert halls, art centers and any venue which promotes live music have to endure in getting support and funding to bring music to the people. In 2019 I am looking at taking my own career and revisit some of the classic songs which were popular in the 70’s and 80’s from Jazz, Rock, Pop, and bring my own interpretation to them.”

“Support live music in all genres and forms! Give yourself a gift of attending a live performance of your favorite artist or music! I still go to concerts when I am not working or touring. Music can heal.” 

Giselle Woo of KCOD & Giselle Woo & The Night Owls

“I hope to release music and to throw more shows. I’m super excited for 2019! My biggest obstacles are ones I create. I’ll be working on not letting my fears and doubts take control at any moment.”

“I just want to say that I am very grateful for your support and love. It takes a lot to get on stage and sing my heart out, but it also takes a lot for you to get in your car, and come out to one of our shows and be present for us to have an audience. Thank you for that music lovers! Performing wouldn’t be fun at all without you!”


“Looking at 2019, we’re focused on writing a full-length album and just working on what is directly in front of us, not trying to project too far into the future. We know we want to book more shows out of the area and start promoting our album and music to the world but we feel that if we just focus on perfecting our sound, our live performance and refining the music, the opportunities will be there for us. That or we’ll just have to create them for ourselves as we’ve always done.”

“To our fans, future fans and people around the world, thank you for your support! Live in the present, stay conscious. Keep an eye out for us; we’ll be coming to see you soon!”


“In 2019 I’m looking for more exposure on a bigger platform in new cities, more travel and showcases and getting my music heard overseas.” 

“To my fans; stay positive, keep the faith and don’t stop pursuing your dreams. Hard work will eventually pay off. You just have to stay focused, consistent and hungry.”

Happy New Year 2019 to everyone from Coachella Valley Weekly, Desert Music and the Coachella Valley and High Desert Music family!