By Heidi Simmons

“Turning Your Writing Dreams Into Reality” is the slogan of the Palm Springs Writers Guild and for many, that refrain has come to fruition.   Last week, 40 authors shared their published books.

An energized hubbub of writers gathered in the Rancho Mirage Library Community Room for the 6th Annual Desert Writers Expo to share fiction, nonfiction, children’s, poetry, art and cook books, all colorfully printed and bound.  Each author professionally displayed and promoted his or her written works eager to engage with local readers.

Here is a sampling of the dynamic array of subjects and authors.


the-path-of-the-wind-miskoThe Path of the Wind by James A. Misko – Fiction.  A member of the PSWG since 2001, Misko self-published four novels before signing Square One Publishers. Having published one of Misko’s non-fiction books a decade earlier, the company saw Misko hone his craft as a storyteller.  The Path of the Wind is the publisher’s first fiction title.

winter-in-chicago-hamlinWinter in Chicago by David M. Hamlin – Fiction.  A former PR man and exec with the ACLU, Hamlin writes about a female journalist caught up in a dangerous mystery.  “Drugs, death and rock ‘n roll on Chicago’s AM radio dial.”

runtime-zero-bradyRuntime Zero by Mick Brady – Neo Cyber Punk.  The first in the “Dark Math Chronicles,” Brady’s sci-fi story is inspired by his long career in the world of digital art and design.  Brady illustrated the striking cover art.

the-pirates-booty-westmoreThe Pirates Booty:  The Plundered Chronicles by Alex Westmore – Historical Fiction.  A history teacher at COD, Westmore, a.k.a., Linda Silva, has published 35 books and loves to write in long hand.

Too Early for Flowers: The Story of a Polio Mother by Kurt Sipolski – Fiction.   A long-time journalist, Sipolski turns his investigative talent to a narrative story based on his own experience overcoming childhood polio with the help of his devoted mom.

Classic Short Stories by Sir Jr. a.k.a. Johnny Lee – Fiction.  Encouraged by his wife, Sandra, to write down his stories, Sir Jr’s lifetime of experience and natural writing ability shines in eight tales and a poem.

the-two-realms-trilogy-moonThe Two Realms Trilogy by Ariella Moon – Fiction.  Filled with magic, mystery and romance, these books are sweet yet exciting adventures for young adults. 

beyond-embarrassment-lakeBeyond Embarrassment by JoAnne Lake – Nonfiction.  In this award-winning book, Lake takes on the subject of neurogenic bladder and bowel conditions.  Someone has to write about it. Nicely illustrated and well organized, this book is like having a close girlfriend to confide in and get helpful advice.

Ain’t “U” Got No Manners? by Kristin Johnson – Nonfiction.  Social media is a whole new beast and this book serves as a self-help guide to good social media behavior.

How to Survive Your Vacation: Eighty Surefire Recommendations to Make Sure You Have a Great Time and Return Home in One Piece by Edward J. Lopatin – Nonfiction.  The title says it all.  It costs money for a vacation and it pays to carefully plan and prepare for a good trip.

all-ways-a-woman-centeno-mannAll Ways A Woman – Art.  A beautiful book with watercolors by Lynn Centeno and prose by Carol Mann, celebrates the tenacity, grace and wisdom of women. 

Chicken Soups From Around the World by Cat Cohen – Cookbook.  From Argentina to Thailand, chickens are global and this spiral bound book has 52 delicious poultry inspired soup recipes. 

Women of the West by Judith L. Butler – Nonfiction.  This series highlights real women who helped shape frontier life.

Gnorman the Gnorwegian Gnome by Jim Prock – Fiction.  This is a Christmas story for kids and adults set in a Gnomian universe. 

Lest We Forget told by Marjorie Snell – Nonfiction.  This is a memoir shared through the personal letters exchanged between a husband and wife during WWII.

All the titles featured here are available on Amazon.

Established in 1977, the Palm Springs Writers Guild is a non-profit organization.  This year the guild celebrates 40 years of encouraging, supporting, mentoring, inspiring and assisting members with their writing talents and publishing aspirations.

 “We have 248 members,” said John Peters, PSWG President.  “Anyone can join.  We have members who have never published and those who have published multiple books

The guild also offers workshops, critique groups, manuscript review and guest speakers.  

There is something very special about the Desert Writers Expo.  The authors are accomplished people, bright, knowledgeable, sincere and passionate about their writing.

Whether the authors have a mainstream publisher or are self-published, they have something to say and share with others.   It is a wonderful celebration of free speech and creativity. 

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