The liver is a very complex organ that does so many things for our bodies. Since it is the main organ that detoxifies, I wanted to give a simplified rundown on this function, which is only one of many.
There are mainly two phases of detoxification.
The first phase of detox is called Phase I. All chemicals are usually oil soluble, meaning only able to be dissolved with solvents-Paint thinner is an example of a solvent. In this first phase, the liver uses all sorts of elements used from the breakdown of good nutrients, to convert waste/toxins to a water soluble form, (able to be dissolved in water). This is like collecting the garbage and packaging it so it can be taken to the curb. At this point the toxins are actually more harmful because they can get into the cells easier in this form. So, the next phase is essential!
The next phase is appropriately called Phase II. This is where the liver now has the toxins in a form that can be disposed of by the body. This is actually like taking the garbage to the curb so the trash man, (blood stream) can pick them up and send them out of the body, mainly via the kidneys, and intestines.

But what happens if the liver does not have the right nutrients to get the trash ready for the curb and send it out?
Or, what if the body has too many toxins and the trash just keeps piling up on the curb?

Well the body is very ingenious, and has a plethora of back-up mechanisms. For one, it can send the waste/toxins to the fat cells for storage until it can get to them. Trouble with that is those toxins don’t just lie dormant. They get released intermittently, especially if the body is overloaded with them. This is why drug addicts get those cravings and flashbacks from the drugs they are trying to quit. Every time they get released into the blood stream, it is like taking another hit. So you need to get those toxins out of the fat cells!!
The only way this will occur is of the body has the recourses it needs to clear out the existing toxins. Then it will start releasing the toxins from fat and send them out the body.
Once the liver gets a break from some of the chemicals, and the right nutrients, healthy fats, and minerals, it will start to release the toxins from the fats cells. That is why people lose weight when they do a proper detoxification. The weight loss is great, but the benefits of detoxifying the body is increased health and well- being!

So if the body never gets a break from those toxins or the proper nutrients to detoxify itself, the build up of toxins backs up into the blood stream again to be, (you got it) sent back to the liver. But the liver can only do so much.
Like a Ferris wheel that can only hold so many people, even if it goes faster, it only has so many seats. So the line gets longer, the trash piles up on the curb, and soon our cells are surrounded by this build up of toxins.
Now, the cells that make up our organs, immune system, nervous system, digestive system and every inch of our body, are compromised, and the body becomes more acidic. Because the outside of the cells are now surrounded by toxins, they are compromised too, and toxins can now get into the cells! This will ultimately kill cells, or mutate them where they can become cancer cells. These mutated cells thrive in an acid environment. An acid environment is very low in oxygen so anything that grows in this is certainly not good for us!
The more these cells mutate, the more the body sees them as foreign, (and really at this point, they are), and starts attacking them. This is the beginning of auto-immune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus and more.
You can only guess how these toxins would affect the heart and brain!
So to properly detox the body, you need more than just a colon cleanse, or a liver flush. You need good, whole food nutrients, a proper diet, plenty of water, a little exercise, and enough time, at least 2-3 weeks), for the body to catch up on those back-logged toxins, while getting a break from the input of harmful chemicals in our diet and environment. If you can find one with all this, in addition to one that supports every system in the body, I’d say you’d have a good detox system.
I offer the detox program from Standard Process. With it, my clients get the extra bonus of my coaching through the 21 day detox, with great recipes and encouragement! Cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, (Body mass index), weight, and glucose is monitored before and after the program to see the body’s progress!

The average weight loss is 9-10 lbs. Total cholesterol goes down an average of 47 points, as well as lower blood sugar, blood pressure, higher energy levels! Skin clears up, sugar cravings disappear, and digestion improves among other benefits!
The only way this program would not work, would be if one cheated and not follow the guidelines!
I have more resources for anyone interested, as well as a list of toxic ingredients to avoid in personal products, and resources for toxic free products.
I look forward to hearing from you!

In good health,

Jill Coleman RN