I have a great detoxification program in my practice, and this month I would like to brief you on how the body detoxifies the chemicals and toxins we are exposed to daily. From our diet, medications, personal and cleaning products, pollution, pesticides, and even synthesized vitamins, the body is barraged with toxins and harmful chemicals at every turn.

As usual I am applying the ‘kiss’ factor! I am also trying to keep them as short as possible so more people have time to read them.

The liver is the main organ of detoxification, but the kidneys, white blood cells, spleen, digestive tract, different glands, and our skin, all play a role in getting rid of toxins that we receive from our outside environment, and the inner environment from our bodies ‘metabolic’ waist.
Every cell of our body goes through a process of “building up and breaking down”. That is simplest explanation of metabolism.
Once whatever we put into our mouth is broken down by the body’s digestive tract, into the smallest basic forms-molecules, these little micro-units called cells, take in the nutrients delivered by our body’s bloodstream. Whatever can be used is further broken down for energy and rebuilding. The waist products are then dumped back into the blood stream to the kidneys and liver, and removed from the body via urine, sweat, and stool.
Every cell in our body is very similar to a teeny, tiny factory. They all have mini trash bins, energy producing units, (called mitochondria), guards at the door to keep out invaders, and an assembly line that builds new cells or does repairs.
If every cell gets what it needs and is able to do their job, these little factories can build, heal, and repair anything for years and years.
But that depends on what is coming to them from the food we eat, which goes into the blood stream, and hence, touches every cell in our body.
If we eat processed foods which are depleted of nutrients, and have chemicals, these little factories start breaking down.
Similar to a furniture factory that builds all of it’s products from oak, maple and other high quality woods. As long as it gets these fine woods, it can build high quality furniture that lasts for many lifetimes.
Now, if this factory started getting Styrofoam mixed in with the wood, then eventually less wood and more Styrofoam, (like junk/processed foods), it would not be able to build very high quality furniture right? Eventually, it would go bankrupt because that high quality product has turned to a degraded, worthless piece of junk.
This is not unlike our bodies. That is why I always say, It is not normal for our bodies to be sick! If we give them what they need, and on top of that, eliminate some of the barrage of toxins and chemicals, they will last longer, serve as better, and look nicer too!

Since this article is chock full of information, I am going to stop here for now. Next week, I will explain how the liver, the main organ of detoxification, processes all this stuff and how the cells suffer when the liver is overwhelmed.
So stay tuned until next week for the second half of this article.
Jill Coleman

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