By Sarahyah Yisrael

The Futurenomic Resources’ program and Mayor Adam Sanchez brought the DHS Got Talent event to the Coachella Valley and it was the most successful talent showcase to hit Desert Hot Springs! Adon Icon invited three judges, R.C. “Cooley” Carrier, Mr. Billy Tuchscher, and Alvin Taylor. The winner will be selected at the FINALE of the ‘DHS Got Talent’ show on July 5, 2014.

Selma Grows College of the Desert Club President, Sarahyah Yisrael would “…like to thank all the sponsors for our ground breaking event, Boys & Girls Club, Chambers of Commerce, Casablanca Restaurant for the food, and Pat Verfuerth. It was a total success, WE SOLD OUT!” she says.

The Support and Education for Local Music and Arts program is proud to promote ‘DHS Got Talent’ series. It has proven to be a successful investment in the future of our community.
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