By Bronwyn Ison

Presumably you may read this weeks article as a sequel to my last.  Previously, I shared with you how we need to demonstrate patience while waiting.  Although, we may not like being delayed by standing in line or sitting at a stoplight, it’s simply a part of life.  I have acquiesced to the mere reality that timing is, everything!

Since my revelation of accepting that divine timing facilitates my destiny, my life is calmer and I feel less stressed. I don’t find myself in such a panic to progress from point “A” to point “B.”  I am allowing myself enough time to reach my destination.    Circumstances often intervene.  Although, I may warrant myself ample time, you can’t help if there is an accident or some other event that dictates tardiness in your arrival.

With this preface, I am a firm believer there is a season for every part of your life.   Which may also result in your mind as a phase.  Our teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s etc; all are certain age intervals of our life but there are seasons of events that takes place during these times.  Most us go through college in our early 20’s.  I would consider this a season of your life.  You graduate and then get a job.  Your job is now a new chapter/season in your life.

I believe this is true of the people who cross our paths.  Good, bad, or indifferent; certain people come into our lives for a reason and for a season.  The reason may be to add benefit to your life or to teach you a valuable lesson.  Also, people come and go.  A person, who crosses your path, came at the predestined time for you, at that specific time.  I know what you are thinking… there are some people you wish had not come into your life as you feel they did more harm than good.  Although you may harbor such feelings or thoughts, move on and be grateful for the lesson learned from this individual(s).

Of course, I can think of a handful of people I would have been relieved not knowing.  However, I would not be the person I am today without experiencing those select individuals as a part of one of my seasons.  How are we to learn if we don’t receive a lesson?  Plus, it was only for a season.  Time goes on and a new experience will materialize.  Nothing last forever.  As each of us has learned by now, there are highs and lows in life.  If you find the good even in an adverse circumstance it will diminish the sting.

Be open and excited about the many seasons that are upon your future. Each day I wake up and think… What can I give to life today?  This renders me eager to learn; what does life have to offer today?

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA(9642)