By Craig Michaels

When talking to Elliot Coffman, you can quickly asses he fits the mold of someone who grew up skating and surfing on the beach in Southern California. A Hunting Beach native, he has a very relaxed and laid back demeanor. Once you mention the words “Electronic Dance Music” (EDM) it’s obvious Elliot’s passionate about being a DJ.
At the age of 17, Elliot was invited by an older friend in high school to his first rave at the Electric Daisy Carnival. The EDM festival he attended was held in San Bernardino but has recently been relocated to Las Vegas where is continues to grow with the popularity of EDM. It was at this festival his life would change, “It really blew my mind,” remembers Elliot. “I saw some of the best DJs in the world such as; Craze, Planet of the Drums and Carl Cox and decided that was what I wanted to do.” Within one year he had his first pair of turntables and has been spinning ever since.
Elliot’s mother is from England which is where Elliot moved not long after graduating from high school. During his 9 month stay in the UK, Elliot was exposed to DJs from around the world furthering his desire to peruse his craft. Upon his return to Orange County, Elliott began a residency at a night club in addition to networking with other DJs and promoters. After a few years of being involved with putting on shows, his collaboration skills would be the inspiration for his entertainment company known as Kollektive Skillz Entertainment.
Although he tries to not limit the genre of music he plays, Elliot admits he is still partial to all styles of Drum and Bass, which is what got him into djing to begin with. Elliot confesses there is a challenge to staying humble while trying to set himself apart musically. He works hard at staying positive and trying to keep his gigs consistent.
Having just moved to the Coachella Valley just a few weeks ago, he has already begun to network with other DJs in the Coachella Valley DJ Association. Elliot is in search of other DJs who play EDM, Dubstep, Trap and Drum N Bass. He would like to collaborate with and promote local DJs through an online radio show called Beach City Bass. The program showcases popular DJs from across Southern California and can be heard at:
If you are interested in collaborating with Elliot, you can reach him by email at: or on Facebook: Elliot Coffman.

Written by: Craig Michaels
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