Most Djs could be placed into a few different categories. Some DJs are strictly club jocks, while others focus their energy on producing their own music and putting on shows. The largest category of DJs usually like to mix it up by performing for weddings, private parties and corporate events, with an occasional club gig sandwiched in between.

Ismael Pena (DJ Ish) considers himself more of a wedding and corporate DJ but he does confess to a few club stints for friends in the past. “My most favorite part of Djing is getting lost in the vibe with everyone and enjoying it as much as they do,” emphasizes Ish. I can relate to that myself, there is nothing more rewarding then the guests coming up to you and telling you what a great time they had dancing to your music.
Mobile DJ gigs can be a lot of fun and do usually pay more than clubs but they do have their down side. Ish admits, “My least favorite part of the job is when I’m required to stick to a strict playlist that is full of dance floor stoppers and my ability to move and please the crowd is taken away from me leaving me in a state of emotionless jukebox/IPod mode.”
Another requirement for doing mobile gigs is having a broad knowledge of music in order to please everyone on the dance floor. “As far back as I can remember I’ve always really enjoyed music. My mind would easily wonder off while listening to different styles of music,” Ish recalls. “I grew up listening to a Mexican AM radio station that would play all the top 40 hits of many American genres as well as Mexican regional music,” he continues.
Ish was 15 years old when he first learned how to use a pair of turn tables at his cousin’s house in Riverside, CA. Ish remembers sitting in his cousin’s room for hours putting together mix tapes on cassettes (remember those?) Although he had been exposed to DJ gear in the late 80’s, it wasn’t until 2004 that Ish decided to buy his own gear and go professional after witnessing less-than-par DJ’s ruin some of his friends and families parties.
DJ Ish has quickly built up his clientele and reputation to constitute and command top pay for gigs. Being a Bi-Lingual DJ is also a nice feather in your cap, especially in the Coachella Valley where we have a large number of Latin Americans. While Ish does like both Spanish and American music, he says he doesn’t have a favorite artist but if he had to choose he likes Mash Ups (when 2 or more songs are played simultaneous to create an entirely new song mix.) Ish explains, “I enjoy listening to the mix in my headphones while I set up a transition for the next song.”
If he’s not spinning music for a party or special event you can still find Ish at an interesting event in a different capacity. Ish is also contracted for special events by a local security company called Serna & Associates. He sometimes finds himself at The Oscars, Coachella Festival Main Stage, Comic Con, and more recently the Ramon Ayala concert at The Fullenwider Auditorium in Indio, CA.
On his off time, Ish mixes up his responsibilities between his son, girlfriend and helping local charities such as the American Diabetes Association. If you would like to hire DJ Ish for your private party or event you can e-mail him at:

Written By: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
(760) 619-3276


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