Many DJs are skilled at playing a variety of music to please their audience but Keith Engber not only plays the hits, he sings them too! “I’ve been interested in singing since I was about seven years old,” Keith recalls. As a teenager growing up in Philadelphia, Keith decided to pursue his passion for singing and began taking voice lessons which would later prove to be beneficial when he moved to South Florida to attend high school and join the school choir.

At the age of 18 Keith walked into a club and noticed it was karaoke night, he references the decade with the following comment, “I think they were playing the music on cassettes with the singers reading off of sheet music,” (if you guessed the 80’s give yourself a prize.) Keith eventually got a job filling in for the karaoke DJ at the club and would later take his vocal training to the next level by joining the choir ensemble in college.
After graduating from college, Keith decided to move back to Philadelphia where he would work as a computer operator while at the same time working with local entertainment companies DJing parties and events before eventually branching out on his own. The singing DJ knew his golden vocal chords were worthy for more than just singing so, Keith decided to make the trek back to Florida to a attain jobs at a few radio stations including 560 WQAM, (sports radio) in Miami. Keith still loves listening to sports radio on his off time.
After a brief stop in Seattle WA., Keith settled down in La Quinta CA. to be near his parents who moved here a decade ago. Keith’s DJ company, “Uptown Sound Entertainment,” which he started in Philadelphia, would now take life in the Coachella Valley. While he performs at all types of events such as weddings, private parties and mitzvahs, Keith prides himself on putting on a professional karaoke show. In between some of the singers the audience is treated to an occasional Billy Joel, Elton John, Lionel Richie, or Michael Buble tune from Keith himself. If you want to sing along with Keith you can catch his karaoke show on Thursday nights at Charlie Marrone’s Italian Bar & Grill located at 42250 Jackson St # B101, Indio CA.
Being a new comer to the Valley Keith relies on word of mouth referrals and has recently been networking with local DJs who make up the Coachella Valley DJ Association. Keith also prides himself on being a good communicator by asking his clients the right questions to find out exactly what it is they want. If you would like to contact Keith at you can call him at (760)399-7099.
Written by: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
(760) 880-3848


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