DJ Supa James, Paying His Dues With Sights Set For Big Markets
As a young teenager James Palomares knew there was no other job he would rather have than getting paid to play music. In fact, to this day it is the only job he has ever had. The summer before 8th grade James asked his dad to take him to the radio station so he could learn how everything worked. James would confirm his passion for being in front of a microphone on that trip.
Too young to get a job in radio at age 14, James quickly figured out how to make extra money as a mobile DJ playing at school dances and private parties. This was about the time I first met the up and coming DJ and remember swapping equipment with him at times to use for various mobile gigs. James would eventually be given the name “Supa James” by fellow DJs
Once he gained his confidence in front of small crowds, James decided he wanted to fulfill his dream of being on the radio, eventually landing back at KPSI in Palm Springs where he first got excited about radio and began working for free as an intern. The big break came when James was offered his first on-air position at KVEG in Las Vegas at the age of 17. “It was an amazing feeling, mostly because all the time and work I had been putting in for free as an intern had paid off and I had proven myself as a joc” James recalls.

At age 18, it was time to pack up and move to Sin City to pursue his radio career while at the same time spinning music in many of the night clubs including the popular “Rain” night club -where James once did a Hip Hop Show with the rap group “Three Six Mafia” in front of a sold out crowd of three thousand – and one of his favorites the “Revolution” night club in the Mirage Hotel. Although James has performed at the hottest night clubs in Las Vegas you can tell how much he loves the Coachella Valley when he comments “ In California, there’s no better feeling than going to Zeldas night club in Palm Springs to play music for people I haven’t seen for a long time!.”

You won’t find DJ Supa James doing many mobile gigs these days, while still living in Las Vegas he has a very busy schedule working for Royce Intl Broadcasting. He is the music director and has a radio show from 5pm to 10pm weeknights. You don’t have to drive to Las Vegas to hear James on 104.3FM because his show is simulcast here on 97.7 KRCK FM in Palm Springs and on 92.7 FM in San Francisco.

James still finds time to promote events in the nightclubs and knows when he promotes a show on air, via twitter and Face Book, he is confident it will be a solid event with a huge turnout! James has his sights set on working full time in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York markets.


If you want to contact James you can e-mail him at:

Written by: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
760 619-3276

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