By Mrs Fett

It’s hard to imagine any E3 will compare to last year’s brawl between Microsoft, and Sony. This year’s major convention will have no console wars, and no ground breaking news and developments in hardware and consoles.

But that’s not to say this year will be a complete waste. As I tooled around the exhibit floor, a day before the convention opened, I got a sneak peek at everything about to hit your face! From accessories to major titles, here’s what’s in store.

Microsoft released major title trailers, for games including Call of Duty, Halo, including the epic collector’s edition, and Evolve. Last year, Microsoft focused on being the all-in-one console for the home, controlling everything from gaming, to home entertainment. With their major mistakes fixed, their announcements were more focused on getting back to their roots: a non-kinect-mandatory bundle, and a major price drop, showing penance for their control-freak ways last year.


Call of Duty has an amazing display, including a huge assault hummer, gameplay, and a major display booth. But by far, the best display filled with anticipation, was Evil Within. Bethesda went above and beyond enticing attendees to enjoy the pain, misery, and all out scared to crap fear, that the game produces.

Tomorrow, the doors open to the public, and I will be able to get more exclusive information, announcements, and dates on future games, console accessories, and epic toys. Stay up to date with updates all week @cvweekly!