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Coachella Valley Music Award ‘Best Latin Band/Artist’

By Noe Gutierrez

The CVMA ‘Best Latin Band/Artist’ of 2019 is ELEKTRIC LUCIE. This Alternative Rock band was formed in the cities of Mexicali and Coachella from the remnants of Rock en español legends ZINEMA and various other projects. Led by Viktor ‘Elektric’ Estrada (guitarist/vocalist) and Jorge ‘Bassman’ Carrillo (bass), the band previously released the long-playing albums Bipolar (2015) and Tres Leches (2017) to significant fortune.

As they prepare the release of their new EP QUIXOTE (Dragora Records), the band continues to build support in Mexico and the United States with their sights set on worldwide play.

Coachella Valley Weekly linked with señores Estrada y Carrillo to talk about their CVMA win, their new album and the culture of their supporters.

CVW: Please give our readers a rundown of your current lineup.

Estrada:ELEKTRIC LUCIE’s current line-up is the same line-up we’ve had for the past three years and a really solid one. We have ‘Bassman’, Sergio ‘Chikiwings’ Padilla (drums), José ‘Pakko’ Lopez (guitar/synths) and me. We also have other musicians that help out here and there.”

CVW: How did you feel after you learned you had won the CVMA for ‘Best Latin Band/Artist’?

Estrada: “We feel great about getting nominated and winning the ‘Best Latin Band’ award. Having the recognition steered our way is greatly appreciated. We have been plugging away minding our business and it came as a surprise to be nominated, it was very unexpected.”

Carrillo: “We appreciate and were surprised that we were nominated and won. We were up against some amazing local talent.”

CVW: What do you know and how do you feel about the other nominees; J Patron, Giselle Woo, Ocho Ojos, Verzo Loko, Adrian Crush, Bohemio and Nacho Bustillos?

Estrada: “I personally know some of the other nominated artists. I live in Indio and Mexicali so I tend to go to more shows in Mexicali than my bandmates who go out to more local shows than I do so I’m pretty sure they can elaborate more about them. Giselle Woo is a great musician and singer. I saw OCHO OJOS once at Club 5 in Indio and they were great. I’m pretty sure everyone else in this category is super good, if not they wouldn’t be nominated.”

Carrillo: Nacho Bustillo has been playing in Coachella Valley for years! I mean, just about everyone we’ve jammed with has jammed with him in one form or another. Giselle Woo and The Night Owls have definitely made their mark in the music scene. We’ve known Giselle for a long time. We think she’s great. Her dad and my dad played in a Spanish cover band a few years back. OCHO OJOS are moving people’s butts with that psychedelic cumbia we love so much. The other bands we’re not too familiar with. We wish everyone much success in the future.”

CVW: You have a new EP being released this year, QUIXOTE. What can you share about the new music?

Estrada: “Yes, we have our new EP being released this October, it’s our third record. QUIXOTE has been a real adventure much like the adventures of Don Quixote hence the title of the album. We started recording the new material at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree. David Catching was in charge of production and in charge he was. We were welcomed to all his arsenal of vintage and modern gear as well as our own equipment. We had a blast and really got pushed harder as musicians thanks to Dave. The next step was refining the vocal tracks and recording two more songs in their entirety at Gatos Trail Recording Studio in Yucca Valley. Dan Joeright was the dude that got us through this as well mixing the tracks. He’s a real cool lad. Finally, we contacted Luis Garcia from Gorila Producciones in Mexico City who was given the task to bring these tracks to life in the mastering process. Each producer and studio staff are like family. Artists like Artic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, Juana Molina, Perez Prado, Flans, Kyuss and EODM have all recorded in these studios. Our new album is probably the best we have done so far. Just listen to it when it comes out.”

CVW: I read a recent report that in 2018 Mexicans listened to music an average of 25.6 hours per week, over 3.5 hours per day & eight hours more than the U.S. national average ( What are your thoughts on the difference?

Estrada: “The answer is, ‘ahuevo los mexicanos somos bien pinches alegres! Our fan base in Mexico is vast as well as other parts of Latin America and the U.S. We have fans in parts of the world that we didn’t know we had thanks to digital platforms.”

CVW: You have a large fanbase in Mexico and you perform a lot there. What do you love about the Mexican people?

Estrada: “What do we love about the Mexican people? What’s not to love? The food, the welcoming feeling you get at every show, the Beer…in short, ‘Viva Mexico Cabrones!!!’”

“DOMINGOS OFF” Music Video –

Upcoming Shows

October 18th – McCarthy’s Pub – Mexico City, MX
October 19th – Listen Rock bar – Puebla, MX
October 26th – ShupeFest (BeerFest) – Mexicali, MX
November 1-2 – Festival Emergencia – Mexico City, MX

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