DJ’s have come a long way since the phrase was coined by American commentator Walter Winchell in 1934. Elementia does more than just play music, he is constantly in his studio producing new sounds and remixing old ones.  Considered more of an artist and producer, Elementia has had a few of his songs show up on the dance music charts.

Many people know him as Elementia but his real name is Hector Galindo.  Growing up, his favorite movie was (and still is today) The Fifth Element.  The word Element stuck out in his head and Galindo knew his stage name had to include that word “element” and eventually came up with Elementia.

Elementia’s interest in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) goes back to his childhood when he would spend time with his dad who would listen to loud music everywhere they went. Nothing caught Elementia’s attention more than a specific genre of music his father would play often, he had no idea what it was but he knew he liked it. Elementia found himself asking older family members if they knew what that music was called and they all told him the same thing, “It’s called Techno” or “It’s called dance music!”

In 1998, at the age of seven, Elementia became hooked when someone gave him a mix compilation of various artists mixed by well-known producer DJ Tiesto. It was at that point Elementia began to search out and discover new artists, and dig deeper into the genre of electronic dance music. After nearly eight years of listening to EDM, the idea of music production and Djing became a reality. Elementia began researching the art of Djing, watching tutorials, and eventually taught himself how to beat match.  Shortly after he started reading about music production and although it was extremely hard and confusing at first, he didn’t want to quit because he had already invested so much time into it.


Eventually Elementia found himself playing clubs and large shows like the one in 2008 where he played the main stage at the Hudson Theatre in San Bernardino in front of more than 500 people. One of his more memorable shows in recent years was out of the country in Mexico for 2,500 people where he played a couple of his newest tracks that he had finished exclusively for that event. “It was really exciting and intimidating but once I took to the stage and started performing, I saw them react to what I was playing and knew they were enjoying it and having a great time,” recalls Elementia.

Taking new tracks out for a “test drive” to see how the dance floor reacts is something Elementia admits is his favorite part of the job, as well as staying away from worn out songs in an effort to keep his shows fresh. Elementia points out, “I don’t just play bangers all night or play the hits, I also try to play new and undiscovered tracks because people may get annoyed of hearing the same track four or five times in one night.”

On October 25th EML Recordings will be releasing his original track “She’ll Miss Me” along with 10 other remixes from some incredibly talented producers! A UK Dubstep producer that goes by the name of Friday Fox will also be releasing his remix of “She’ll Miss Me” on his new label called Digital Slave! Elementia is looking forward to performing this month at the Date Shed along with his good friend and local DJ, JF//Discord, both will be opening for LA Riots. You can find more info about Elementia at:

Written By: Craig Michaels

Musical Affair Entertainment

(760) 619-3276

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