By Bronwyn Ison

Each year offers each of us a fresh start.  Or, at least many of us envision doing away with the previous year with hopes a better year ahead.  I’m always amazed at how time passes by so quickly.  While preparing breakfast, this beautiful New Year’s Day, a houseguest asked me, “What do you want?”  While it may be an open-ended and loaded question it afforded me the opportunity to ask you… “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

Fortunately, I’ve been very clear (in my personal and professional goals) as to what I want.  Setting goals and dreaming are one thing and both valid.  However, have you considered journaling what it is you want?  Short-term and long-term goals are more effective if you write them down.  Also, setting a start and end date is powerful.  Holding yourself accountable (or delegating someone else) for your future endeavors will assist in keeping you on track. 

It’s likely you’ve not moved forward in your goals and dreams because of fear.  My ongoing goal, which I set in place a couple of years ago, is to approach everything without fear.  Fear is our biggest deterrent from achieving anything.  Fear, to me, is nothing more than a big bully holding you back from all you are capable of achieving.  Pastor Joyce Meyer, is one of my personal inspirations encouraging me, “TO DO IT SCARED!”  I adopted this sound and very wise advice and my life has become smoother and sweeter ever since.  Everything I’ve been scared to do in the last two years I’ve stepped forward blindly… yet, with confidence and achieved all I’ve been set to accomplish.  What did I learn?  Once I stepped out of fear I fell into victory and realized it wasn’t as bad or hard after all.  


If there is something you have always wanted to try, achieve, go after… go for it and do it scared.  Failure isn’t really failing rather it’s an opportunity to grow and learn.  We may not always hit the mark but at least you tried… and the good news… try again, and again and you’ll be closer and closer to hitting the sweet spot.

Here’s to your 2018.  I wish to you the most amazing and prosperous year.  May you be healthy and wiser in the year to come.