By Aimee Mosco

“[As we step into the new era] our freedom will grow exponentially because we begin to remember that nothing happens to us, things happen by us as a product of choice.” Shifting Into a Creator Mentality, Blogpost,

You have probably heard the phrase, “your perception is your reality” at some point on your journey. If you took the time to contemplate the meaning of it, you hopefully found these words to be empowering. This insight reminds us that it is how we view things that determine how our experiences impact us.

Many of our perceptions have been shaped by those who raised us or tutored us in some way, by society, and by those we look up to. These perceptions become ingrained with repetitive exposure, and most of the time we don’t even realize that we are in training to claim these views as our own.


A common perception is that one must work hard to achieve or gain something of value. This is probably something many of us heard our parents and guardians say when we were kids and is a widely accepted view of how things work. Another prevailing view is that we must step outside of our comfort zone to grow. In other words, we must experience discomfort to be a better human.

These two examples of common perceptions ingrained in many of us have produced a lot of blood, sweat and tears over the course of a lifetime.

What would happen if we were to intentionally choose to shift this perception? What if you birthed a new view from the idea that remarkable growth or achievement can occur without having to suffer?

A shift in perception does not happen overnight. It takes time and effort to retrain your views, but when you make the effort, you may notice that your reality changes too.

Explore the idea that your number one goal as a soul incarnated in physical form is to have experiences that produce growth. Every single thing that happens in your life has been calculated and chosen by your soul for this purpose. Your judgements are what make the experiences good or bad for you. When you shift your focus to identify what you gained vs how painful the journey was, your judgments shift as well. An experience that you once viewed as arduous, may become something wonderous and filled with discovery if your (new) underlying perception supports that your reality is filled with exciting opportunities. When your view does not support the idea that things must be hard or uncomfortable to produce growth, there is no longer a reference point for discomfort. This is a reality where your comfort zone no longer has borders.

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Aimee Mosco is an Author, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Co-Founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. Aimee’s desire to help others inspired her book “Gratitude + Forgiveness x (LOVE) = Happiness”. Aimee serves as Vice Chair to the World Game Changers Board of Directors, a charitable CIC based in the UK. Find Aimee at