By Patte Purcell

Who’s that entertainer on the stage, screen, TV, radio, behind the camera, in front of the camera, singing with combos, orchestras, and every musical genre from jazz standards to country? One performer stands out, the “Prince of Palm Springs” Fleet Friend Easton.

I met this bundle of energy last year at the Purple Room with my friend Sherrie Lilly as “The Prince” and then became Facebook friends. I’ve seen him play gig after gig with a host of Palm Springs favorites and even dance on the tables. Yes, we have a real entertainer in our midst.

Born in Akron, Ohio he began as a singer, actor, and dancer. A competitive roller and ice skater it purred him into the show biz world. He wanted to do everything and decided to make it his life. He began taking classes and received scholarships from both the American Ballet Theatre and Julliard. His dancing was mentored and there were big plans in the works for his career in dancing but Fleet looked at the injuries involved and knee and ankle issues and walked away and decided to become an actor.

He moved to New York and began auditioning on and off Broadway. He did well but wanted to be the featured act so he moved back to Ohio to become a nightclub entertainer. He entered a talent show and told his friend that he was going to win it and that they would love him and they would hire him. That is exactly what happened. A band leader called him and hired him. He moved to Florida for the next 16 years. While there he did lots of independent film work and was very successful.

One day he heard a voice tell him it was time to go to Palm Springs and that he would meet people who would take him to his next space. Although he was very busy with a TV show and many other things he decided to heed the voice. As he said, “When the voice speaks I have to go.” So he moved 3,000 miles.

Once here he created a ‘Vision Book’ of all the things he wanted to accomplish. He is at stage 9 of his goals here and has achieved a very impressive legacy. He has performed at or produced over 200 charity events. He received the “Touching Lives Humanitarian Award,” an award that has been given to Smoky Robinson and Tippi Hedren. He raised over $1,000,000 for charitable causes. When he received the award they listed his accomplishments and he was so overwhelmed he began crying uncontrollably, which continued as he received his award. “I can’t believe I’ve done all that,” he said humbly.

While there, the Prince of Germany, Mario Maz Schaumburg-Lippe, and he connected. He approached Fleet and praised his self-branding skills. They struck up a friendship and he was on the cover of the Prince’s Magazine in July. Part of Fleet’s vision was to become the “Prince of Palm Springs,” and as part of his inauguration asked the Prince to be the one to Crown him. The Prince agreed and flew in from Monte Carlo to crown Fleet. The Prince presented him with a Royal Proclamation naming him a “Legendary Entertainer of the World” by the Royal family.

The other big goal on Fleets list was to get a star on Palm Canyon and he is rapidly moving toward that goal.

He’s been holding series of fundraisers with the help of friends and they are already half of the way towards raising the necessary funds. The Prince is planning to attend as well. There is one more coming up at Azul’s in Palm Springs, ‘Disco Night’ is the theme. There is a $20 suggested donation. He also did a Country themed night along with a special “Evening with the Legends” with Cat Lyn Day as Marilyn, Tommy Dodson as Sammy Davis Jr. and Paul Elia as Dean Martin. It was a smashing success!

Fleet is one of the hardest working performers in the desert. He performs non-stop for 3 straight hours with all kinds of music including Latin, country, Bruno Mars, Jazz standards, and he loves gospel and is part of an Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide called ‘New Thought Palm Springs’.

Fleet has a spiritual outlook on life and looks for signs and synchronicities. He believes that certain markers in our lives are destined. He’s very driven and determined to be successful. “I create a vision then ‘Let go and let God.’ I love my work, make great money and enjoy doing it. My instrument is my voice,” said Easton.

He believes we have a vibration with the universe, a harmonic tone or frequency attached to us. If something is pleasing to the ear we are drawn towards it. He is drawn to the Coachella Valley or “Hand of God” because of its energy vortex.

His goal is to build a humanitarian center for helpless, homeless individuals and leave a mark in this town. He is deeply spiritual and wants to use his fame to help humanity. He’d love to be able to work with Oprah on a global project.

He’s releasing a new single this year entitled “Find Your Voice” written by Mr. Art Reynolds who has recorded hit songs with Patti LaBelle and Leann Rimes.

Fleet is one busy entertainer, to see his schedule friend him on Facebook at Fleet Friend Easton or email him at

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