By Aimee Mosco

“It is a soul urge to improve oneself. This is what life is about, constant and never-ending improvement, whether it is a conscious goal or something that prods from the shadows.” Daily Agreements, Guidelines & Intentions, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, page 33.

We are all affected by the accomplishments, and failures for that matter, of one another. The fact remains that you can only really control what energy you, as an individual, pour into the collective pool. It is not appropriate or possible to control what others do to contribute or slow collective progress, even though you are affected by it.

When you are giving a greater portion of your attention to what is happening around you rather than in you, it is a sign to shift your focus inward. If you are not giving your inner self enough attention, you are draining your reserves and inhibiting your ability to grow. You cannot be your absolute best when your batteries are low on juice.


Think about what happens when you lose your focus. Your energy gets scattered. Distraction slows you down and you are less effective in all areas of your life. When you remain focused is when you are best able to apply your innate skills and talents. Focus unites you with your highest potential.

If it feels selfish to give into your own needs and put yourself at the top of the list, look at it like this; It is your most important job to build yourself up. You alone are your greatest champion, friend, and highest authority. And remember, the more “whole” you are, the more you have to give to others.

Part of learning to work in collaboration as we prepare for the arrival of the new golden age, the Unity Paradigm, involves fortifying your own temple so what you are able to bring to the collective table of humanity is your finest and most evolved offering.

So, if you find yourself in despair or feeling hopeless regarding the state of the world, it may be helpful for you to shift your focus. Get quiet and take some time to acknowledge your value. Identify your innate talents and abilities that make you a valuable contributor to collective humanity. Give these attributes your attention. Feed them with appreciation so they can grow.

While you may not be able to change the world single-handedly by fortifying your temple, the quality of the energy you contribute to collective humanity as an empowered individual will create a ripple effect in the social health and wellness of all living beings. It is a win-win for you and for humanity!

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Aimee Mosco is an Author, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Co-Founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. Aimee’s passion for helping others inspired her book “Gratitude + Forgiveness x (LOVE) = Happiness”. Find Aimee at