By Janet McAfee

My name is Fred, and I was brought to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus county shelter in Thousand Palms on January 9, 2022. I was a “confiscated” animal. Since I am microchipped, my human was notified I was at the shelter.  I loved him, however my heart broke when he never came to claim me.

I didn’t come with any medical records.  The people here say I am a healthy, happy, neutered boy about 6 years of age. I heard a shelter worker say, “Fred has been here longer than the other dogs and he isn’t kennel stressed.”

I haven’t given up hope as I peer out behind kennel bars.  Sometimes the journey to a forever home is a long lone one.  Sometimes I feel sad when I see some of the other dogs leave happily for new homes.  I hear people walk past my kennel and say they want a small dog. I’m 82 pounds of doggie love and loyalty. Don’t they know bigger dogs have bigger brains,  and we are smarter than small ones?  Because of my size, I can protect my future family.


I heard someone say they don’t think Husky dogs do well in the desert weather.  If I could talk, I would tell them that we Huskies are known for our ability to adapt to any climate.  Like any dog during the extreme heat, we need to be monitored for dehydration and brought indoors when temperatures rise.  Experts say it isn’t necessary to shave my heavy coat during the summer.

The staff said I am one of their favorite dogs!  That made me so happy.  They took me to an adoption event at Gelson’s Market, but no one there chose me.  The shelter workers are kind to me, and I love the volunteers who take me for outdoor walks.  My other favorite activity is playing in the big dog playgroup in the spacious outdoor park. It would be great if I could get a home where there is another dog or two, but just having a human of my own would be wonderful.

I am calm, unlike some of the younger active Huskies.  Here’s another bonus….I am already house trained!  I am trained to sit and shake hands for a treat. Are you looking for a hiking buddy?  That’s me!  Are you looking for a best buddy who will lay by your feet when you watch television?  That’s me!  Whoever adopts me will be very lucky.

They say good things come to those who wait, and that means a very special human will adopt me soon.  The picture here shows me looking for love on Valentine’s Day.  Cold winter days turned into spring, the hot summer arrives soon, and I still wait.  I have been at the shelter for almost 4 months which makes me their longest resident.  How long can a shelter dog wait and keep hoping?  How long can a shelter dog wait and not feel stressed?  I pray someone reading this will come for me.

You can meet me at the shelter between the hours of 10am and 4pm Saturday through Monday at 72-050 Pet Land Place in Thousand Palms  I am dog ID#A1656983.  Ask a shelter employee to take me to a visiting area for a meet and greet without the other dogs barking.  More information is on their website, (760) 343-3644.

My purpose is to be part of a happy family and make them even happier. I have the heart of a rescue dog, a heart that is grateful and ready to love again.