If you’re planning a party or special event, one of the most important items on the check list will be to make sure your guests have fun. Having an experienced and interactive DJ to help guide the crowd through the event and play the right music at the right time is key. Once you’ve successfully found a good DJ to entertain your crowd, your work is not over. Many party goers may expect to be entertained with more than just good music.

There are countless ways to bring your party to the next level but not all of them may get you the result you are looking for. You could add a theme and have people dress up– however, this can sometimes get costly and uncomfortable depending on the time of year. With American Idol becoming more and more popular, some may think that karaoke may be a good idea. While it is surely entertaining, there’s always the risk of that one guest (or few) having too many drinks and butchering your favorite classic rock song.
So the question is, what can you add to your event that will get people excited and get them making all kinds of noise no matter what their age? The answer is… Game Show Mania! There is one thing you can count on, everyone loves to push the buzzer to beat out their opponents and be the first contestant to answer the question correctly.
The love for game shows has been around for decades going back to the 1960’s with games like Match Game that first aired in 1962 and Let’s Make a Deal which began in 1963. The 1960’s also marked the debut of Hollywood Squares, Password, The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game. Now be honest, how many times have you found yourself in front of the TV screaming out the prices of the items up for bid on the Price is Right? Bottom line: game shows get people involved and that’s exactly what you want at your event!
With Game Show Mania, you and your guests get the sights and sounds of a real live game show. Experience the buzzers, the lights and the excitement of seeing the crowd go wild as a row of four contestants square off behind a colorful red, yellow, blue and green game show podium. If you really want the crowd to go wild you can add prizes or just play for bragging rights with your friends, family and co-workers. Game Show Mania is played by asking the contestants an array of general knowledge trivia questions or you can customize the questions to fit the theme of your party or corporate event. Randomly, contestants are asked to guess an audio clip from a movie, song or famous celebrity, keeping them on their toes and hands on the buzzer. The real fun happens when none of the contestants know the answers and we ask the audience to shout them out.
There are two opportunities coming up for you and your whole family to play Game Show Mania. On October 28, bring your thinking cap down to the Annual Golf Cart Parade on El Paseo in Palm Desert. The fun starts at 11am in the Kids Zone where you can play the game show and then stick around for the parade at 1pm. Also mark November 10 off on your calendar for the Perez Rd. Fall Festival in Cathedral City. Starting at 11am there will be food vendors and entertainment for the family including Game Show Mania! If you have any questions on these events or how to book Game Show Mania for your next event, call Craig Michaels of Musical Affair at: (760) 619-3276 or log on to www.musicalaffair.com and check out the theme party page.


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