Valley Rhythms by Lola Rossi-Meza

Every Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., Band Director Gary Clark ministers in Praise and Worship along with
his wife Bri and the other Worship Leaders, who share the responsibilities of leading the congregation;
Jessica Garza, Love Pacheco and Chelsea Gannette at Champion Life Church with Pastors Eddie and
Tammy Windsor. As of May 5, they will go to one Sunday morning service at 10 a.m.

Their evening service at 6 p.m. with Pastors Micah and Bethany Cravalho, is a young adult service
geared to ages 12 through 30. “It is called the Revolution Church,” said Clark. “The worship music is
geared toward the youth of the Valley.” The Church is located at 72-745 Highway 111 in Palm Desert.
(760) 835-3700.

Singer songwriter Gary Clark was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Riverside with his parents and
two sisters when he was five years old. He took an interest in music when he was seven years old and
started playing guitar, bass and drums. He attended the Pachapa Elementary School where he learned
how to play the saxophone in fifth grade. Later, the school system provided him with a recorder in
seventh grade at Central Middle School.

“I remember disliking the class because we were at stand still. I didn’t understand why we would go
from a saxophone to a recorder, it is usually the other way around.” By the time he was sixteen, he was
performing in bands with his friends.

Born and raised in Henderson Nevada, singer songwriter Briajn “Bri” Bratton has two sisters and three
brothers; two of her brothers play instruments along with her father who is also a musician. As a matter
of fact, her father is James Bratton who organized and performed at the Jesus Java Jam years ago. I
remember writing about the event. Her mother now lives in Las Vegas and Bri was planning to move
there, but instead moved to the Desert to be with her soon to be husband.

Clark was performing at a local coffee shop during “Open Mic Night” where Bratton told her
friend,“That’s my husband” even before they met. He and Bratton shared the same passion for music
and that drew them together very quickly. They started dating immediately and within six months were
engaged. “That story is still so amazing to me.”

Upon moving to Palm Desert in 2009, the couple, living separately, started attending Champion Life
Church, where they soon became involved with the music ministry. They started out leading the youth
band and after about a year of attending, Clark started to lead worship for the adult congregation. They
married on December 17, 2010. Bri is the worship leader of the children’s ministry and is pregnant with
twins due in mid September.

They are both very talented musicians and composers with God Given Gifts. Clark has a home studio
where he has recorded many local Christian rappers here in the Coachella Valley. Together, they have
composed beautiful worship songs with a unique style. Together they have begun their journey to bring
people into the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, through music, that will touch the hearts of those who
hear it, including me. They have witnessed lives transformed through the power of worshiping our Lord
Jesus Christ, who can do all things without limitations.