By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

There are many agents that get us “high”, that cause us to transcend our current state and enter into another world.

Most consider narcotics, alcohol and pharmaceuticals to be the most sought after substances to achieve this nirvana, however, I believe there is a drug that is even more powerful.



Love does something different to us than the slightly buzzed feeling you get from a glass of wine or a few tokes of marijuana. Love actually can create the high-octane euphoria associated with much stronger drugs, like cocaine.

Scientists have proven through functional MRI that the mere act of holding hands and gazing into that special someone’s eye releases the same amount of dopamine (a feel good neurotransmitter) as cocaine.

You might know first-hand that love is as addictive as drugs or alcohol. When “using” both drugs or love, a particular part of our brain is activated that translates motivation into action, especially in the formation of behaviors armed at getting reward.

Like the song by Meatloaf says, “I would do anything for love…”…and that is true for all of us. Our need to give and receive love is what it means to be alive. Are you really even living if you’re not loving?

We believe that love is a commodity that continues to grow without limit. Love can be reproduced and can be shared with anything without the consequences one might experience in sharing an illicit drug.

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