By Noe Gutierrez

Giselle Woo is a bona fide performer in the desert region. Born in Palm Springs and raised in Cathedral City she does not shy away from her femininity by any means. She also does not allow that to define her. “It’s not always easy to be a lead woman in this industry but hey, at the end of the day, we’re just as good as anyone else. People I admire the most in music are women.” It’s that gratifying self-reliance that has made Woo the wholehearted vocalist, instrumentalist and composer that she is today. She’s also been a massage therapist for the past eight years.

Masseuse Woo and I have had conversations in the past regarding her sentimental performances. She has consistently told me that there remains restlessness prior to each show, “I do get nervous, but it’s probably more of an anxious feeling; anxious to become my stage persona and to give my singing and guitar skills my all. When its go time, all I want is to deliver the best and sexiest (in a classy kind of way) show possible to my audience. I want to take them through this journey with me, because that’s what it is for me singing these songs I’ve written through the years, which hold a special place in my heart. It’s a journey of love, heartache and happiness.” Those feelings will be displayed in her EP to be released within the next year.

A musician in her own right, Giselle’s mother Lupe began playing the guitar at age 14, the mandolin at 16 and the bass at 30 years old. Her and husband Raul had a ‘rondalla’, an ensemble of stringed instruments, in the early 90’s. “Giselle was just 9 when we had that group and come to find out now she was paying attention,” shared Lupe who can be found on stage right at many of her shows.


“When I know my mother is in the audience I feel so proud, I feel proud of the fact the she’s my mother and that everyone will know who she is because every time her or my daddy are in the crowd I make it a point to single them out. I am forever grateful for their love and support. I also am thankful for their enseñanzas, which means teachings of music and character.” Giselle’s mother swims in satisfaction with her performances. “When I see Giselle perform I wish she could share her music with the world. All the songs she sings and plays are hers and I see all that talent. She gives herself to her listeners through her songs. There’s a couple of hers that give me chills they’re so beautiful and when she sings them she touches my soul. When I see her perform pride exits my body through all my cells.”

Giselle recalls her most defining moment, “I was at J Dee’s which is now BAR in downtown Palm Springs, a few years ago with David Macias, Andy Gorrill and Gene Evaro Jr. on drums. It was my first performance ever, I will never forget it!”

Giselle performs with her established ensemble Giselle Woo & The Night Owls. She compares her solo and band experience, “When I perform as a solo act I use it as an opportunity to practice and work on my stage performance. I feel sexiest though when the boys are backing me, whether it’s with David Macias, Andy Gorrill or Erik Mouness or all of them. We transform into Giselle Woo & The Night Owls, I can play with one of them or all of them and still feel like we were awesome!”

Giselle shows her divergent approach to performing whether in a band or solo. You can tell she feeds off the Owls and you are able to feel the sensitivity of her lyrics when she performs solo. “My approach is simple; keep it mellow and sweet when it’s just me and bring hotness and sexiness when it’s the complete band. And rock the fuck out!”

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