By Patte Purcell

In addition to guitars and horns, percussion is one of my favorite musical accompaniments. The BMW Palm Springs Smooth Jazzfest ™ which is being produced by myself and my PR Production Partner Sheree Lillie of Lillie PR on October 5, in the Riviera Palm Springs Grand Ballroom will include 2 percussionists. Today I am focusing on Guillermo Yslas who will be performing with smooth jazz guitarist Joe Baldino and his 10 piece band.

His story is charming and a true ‘live your dream’ example.

A Mexican-American native to California, Guillermo comes from a very musical family. He is one of four brothers; Gilbert, Jerry and Ramon, who are in the music business. Guillermo has many credits to his name, his passion for life and music has been demonstrated through his performances with the likes of Peter White (Smooth Jazz artist, Basia), David Pack (Ambrosia)  Pete Escovedo, Ronnie Laws, Niles (Smooth Jazz artist), John Angotti (Worship Music recording artist) and Bobby Figueroa (Beach Boys drummer, vocalist). Guillermo is presently on tour with, Mexican-American Recording and Performing Super Star, MARISELA, in the US, Mexico and South America.

Guillermo explained that his father was not a musician but a hard working blue collar guy who loved music so he got his sons into music lessons at an early age. He started in trumpet lessons through the 4th grade and then began guitar in junior high. It wasn’t until high school when he was thrown into playing percussion that he found his true love. He came out that night and plunged his hands in ice water to kill the pain, but he was smitten. He talked about getting a call to play percussion for Peter White, and then his brother Ray told him that he had also received the same call. So the two brothers did a dual performance with Peter White and David Pack.

As mentioned his brother Ray is also a very famous percussionist. Guillermo and his brothers recognized the talent in Ray and invested in him by purchasing his first set of percussion equipment and lessons for him.

Since then, Ray has played percussion for a number of major artists the likes of David Sandborn, Marcus Miller, and Shadow Fax, just to mention a few. Guillermo is very proud of all three brothers.

Guillermo worked for AT&T for 30 years and when he retired he asked his wife if he could do what he loved, playing music. His wife told him to ‘go for it’ and that is exactly what he has been doing ever since.

He first played with Joe Baldino a couple of years ago when asked by Gary Metz. He listened to  Baldino’s smooth sounds and made the trip. He never rehearsed with the band but he said it was ‘magic’.

Guillermo will bring an amazing energy to the band and we are delighted to have him.

BMW of Palm Springs Smooth Jazzfest will feature Joe and a full band of 10. There is a lot of buzz about this event which will feature 5 national acts. Headlining will be Greg Adams (Tower of Power founding member) and his 10 piece band. Slim Man (13 CDs) will be opening the show with his smooth vocals and top notch band including Greg Vail on sax. Blues sensation and 4 time national blues awards artist Deanna Bogart will be performing some of her hits. Joe Baldino and his 10 piece band will take the show upward to the finale.

The VIP Afterparty for artists, celebrities and VIP ticket holders with Joe Baldino and his band will be holding a jam at the after party which runs from 10:15 until midnight. Tickets are $25 general admission and reserved VIP tickets are $50 and include access to the VIP Lounge and after party.

Just in. Celebrity soap actress (All my Children, Bold and Beautiful), singer and clothing designer Bobbie Eakes will be featuring her exotic tropical line of resort wear in a fashion show between sets. More surprises in store. This is a not to be missed event that will have the entire town buzzing!

Tickets are available at under BMW Smooth Jazzfest. The earlier you purchase VIP seats the closer you will be to the stage. Monday Oct. 5, 5-10 pm (show) 10- 12:00 Afterparty and jam.

Call Patte Purcell 1-702-219-6777 to become a sponsor.

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