This holiday season, consider making your Thanksgiving a bit more dank. In this article I will share easy ways to be able to transform your traditional feast into a 420 friendly into a high brow affair. This year in dispensaries, fun items are available to suit your needs such as Kiva’s Turkey Gravy infused with 10mg of THC to be able to lightly infuse your dishes of choice. Kiva uses nanotechnology to be able to delivery rapid onset of the THC within 15 minutes.

Another option is to head to your local dispensary and pick up some already infused cannabutter. Cannabutter can be added to various dishes from your candied yams casserole to your green beans and everything in between. Of course basting the turkey with infused butter or oil is also a fantastic way to ensure that the whole cannafam can get their tryptophan alongside their THC. Danksgiving, in my experiences of celebrating, is often held on the Sundays after Thanksgiving. This allows budget conscious cannafam to purchase traditional foods for way less than usual and still be able to maximize their cannafusions.

For those late to the Danksgiving celebration–literally just cover everything with cannabutter. No hassle, no stress..infuse as you go!! For those who have never participated in a Danksgiving event, I highly suggest you keep a nice CBD rich tincture, water, or preroll pack on hand during the festivities for after when the edibles hit. Remember, with edibles less is more so consider starting out with a light plate and moving on to more as the night goes on. Your CBD rich tincture, water, or prerolls will help to negate some of the effects of THC if you find yourself a little too overmedicated after dinner.

For those who have experienced a Danksgiving before, remember to label your creations and consider bring a non infused dish for those who might be lighter in their THC tolerances, or even bring a CBD infused dish for those looking for high levels of relief but not so much psychoactivity. Finally, for those who really love their cannafam, consider bringing a topical for afterwards when the cuddle puddles are in full effect! Group massage is a wonderful way to bond with cannafam, and what better than taking care of each others ailments!

Happy Danksgiving and best wishes as you soar through this holiday season! Pro tip: don’t feed Grandma THC–unless she wants it 🙂