Grace Patterns EP Released 12/4/18! Performing the entire EP LIVE at The Hood on Sat. 12/22!

By Noe Gutierrez

Extreme Metal and Hardcore Punk band He Films the Clouds will be performing at the Hood Bar and Pizza on Saturday, December 22, 2018 to commemorate the release of their new EP, Grace Patterns. The EP is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and Bandcamp. Providing support for the show are Beckoner, When Tides Turn and FrankEatsTheFloor. THIS IS A FREE SHOW! Starts at 9 p.m.

HFTC’s use of “breakdowns,” the slow, intense passages conducive to moshing, in Grace Patterns will satisfy the most die-hard Metalcore fan. Metalcore is a portmanteau or a “fusion genre” combining elements of Extreme Metal and Hardcore Punk.

Coachella Valley Weekly spoke with the band about their EP, release show and all other things HFTC.


CVW: Please introduce us to He Films The Clouds.


HFTC:He Films The Clouds is a Progressive Metalcore band, currently consisting of four members. Our vocalist is Xavier Hernandez, we have Antonio Ocegueda on drums, Jacob Garcia on guitars, and Jordan Price on bass. We pride ourselves on having a DIY approach to everything we do; live sound, lighting, mixing, mastering, writing, artwork, and more are mostly done by one of the band members.”

CVW: HFTC is a one-of-a-kind name. What’s the story behind the name?

HFT: ’He Films The Clouds’ is a song name from a band called Maybeshewill. Jacob was listening a lot of post-rock in early 2011 and decided to start the band under that name. The song is symbolic in the way that during that time in his life he was questioning many things around him.”

CVW: The band is based in Riverside, CA and has some roots in the High Desert. What is the metal scene like there and what connections do you have to the desert?

HFTC: “The band originally formed in Yucca Valley, but currently operates out of Riverside. All members in the current lineup met while being is different bands that were based in the Coachella Valley. As far as the metal scene goes in Riverside, it isn’t very active these days.” 

CVW: You’re performing at The Hood on Friday for your “Grace Patterns” EP release party. What can fans expect from your performance?

HFTC: “We will be playing the new EP in its entirety. Expect higher energy, great music, and good times.”

CVW: You have Beckoner, When Tides Turn and FrankEatsTheFloor on the bill. What are your thoughts on each artist? 

HFTC: “Each band brings their own unique style of rock and metal, and we are extremely privileged to be playing with all of them. These bands are full of great friends and incredible musicians.” 

CVW: Give us some insight into the writing and recording process and tell us about any themes or concepts of the release.

HFTC: “The entire writing and recording process is done by the band. We write, mix, and master all of our music; even the artwork for Grace Patterns was photographed and edited ourselves. Primarily, Jacob writes most of the instrumentals while Xavier writes a majority of the lyrics. After the rough ideas are tracked, we all go over the material and change it until we are satisfied with the end result. Grace Patterns explores a theme of coming to terms with one’s shortcomings in the wake of realizing and being aware of the cost that comes with anything that is worth having on a personal level. Whether it’s chasing your ambition, personal growth, or trying to mitigate the grey areas of both your faults and your redeeming qualities, there’s no simple way to carving out your own self-image. It paints a picture of the moment you seek redemption, not the end result. There’s beauty in the ugliness of life, and there’s ugliness in its beauty.”

CVW: The band has been through a lot in the last several years and now the line-up appears solidified. What can you say about the journey from the beginning to now?

HFTC: “We have learned a lot about ourselves, being a band, and working as a group to get to the places we want to be. These lineup changes have allowed us to grow and become more efficient in the way we do business and create music. We value and appreciate each person that has contributed to the band in the past.”

CVW: What are your short-term and long-term plans?

HFTC: “We do not have any more shows lined up as of now, but we do plan on doing a couple tours in 2019.”

CVW: Where can fans obtain your music?

HFTC: “Listeners can buy and stream our music on all major platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Bandcamp, and more.” 

CVW: Anything else you feel is pertinent or would like to add?

HFTC: “We want to thank all of our listeners and friends for supporting us throughout our musical endeavors.”