By mid-week, mid-day, you realize your mid-section is feeling subpar at best.  As you sit in front of your computer day after day you may notice your abdominals are becoming weaker and weaker.  If this is a concern for you then you should scrutinize your daily habits.  Are you snacking at your desk?  If so, what kind of snacks are you eating?  Have you ever thought of exercising (discretely) while at work?  This is possible.  Forego unhealthy snacks and exercise your abdominals at work. 

Maintaining healthy and strong abdominals will enable your entire body to feel and look improved.  You hear and read about the best exercises to obtain strong abdominals.  You may also learn about abdominal enhancing foods and much more.  The hard reality is that exercise and diet is key to a healthy and fit body.  As a Yoga instructor and as many of my students would attest I emphasize abdominals regularly.  Carrying weight in the mid-section can lead to serious health problems.  Trimming away extra pounds and losing inches around the waistline will change several aspects of your life.  Literally, you will be able to stand taller while feeling more confident.  Internally your body is asking for help.  Weight in the mid-section may impair your internal organs.  Mid-section weight may result in experiencing back pain. 

Lower back pain is associated with weak abdominal muscles. Our transverse abdominis (TVA) generally acts as a stabilizer to the low back and core muscles.  These muscles are also considered one of the main core stabilizing muscles of the lumbar spine.  The TVA is the deepest layer of abdominal muscles.  The muscles run between the ribs and pelvis, horizontally from front to back. The TVA acts as a corset and helps protect the internal organs and lumbar spine.  A major function of the TVA is to stabilize the spine during movements that involve the arms and legs.  In other words, the center of our movement stems from the transverse abdominis. 

Here are few suggestions to try at work.  While sitting at your desk try isometric contractions.  Imagine someone is getting ready to punch you in the belly. You will likely tighten your abdominals. Tighten the muscles in the core without expanding your abdominals and repeat several times holding (not holding your breath) for 8-10 seconds. If you really want to go for it, lay down a yoga mat and knock out some abdominal crunches or yogi bicycles.  Or, if you have a little extra time in your life you may visit one of my yoga classes to really fire up the belly. 


Strong abdominals are key to an overall healthy body.  Say goodbye to back pain and to tired and over taxed organs.  Burn the belly and prepare to feel and look marvelous. Just think the icing on the cake is a new wardrobe. 

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga and, Yoga On Demand and the Founder of Better For It Now. 760-567-YOGA (9642)