By Sunny Simon

     Thinking about redirecting your career, but don’t know where to begin? It’s not uncommon to get a niggling feeling signaling you’re on the wrong path. The question is, how do you discover your true purpose? My clients sometimes wrestle with that issue and tap into me for the answer. Truth be told, I have no magic ball forecasting an answer. Only you can determine what you want to be when you grow up, or launch an act two.

     What I can offer my clients, and you dear reader, are some key questions to ponder as you search your soul for the answer. We can begin with what motivates you to work hard and be productive? Oh, not ready for that one yet? Then start by making a list of what you like to do and what you are good at. It stands to reason you will only be successful if you engage in an activity that delights you.

     Next log some time doing research.  If you wrote down you love the outdoors and appreciate nature, drill down on the subject. A quick google will reveal broad categories like: landscaping, marine biology, forestry, park ranger…well you get the picture.


     Now, back to my initial question. Ponder that one and add to it, what keeps you moving toward the goal when you really want to quit? What causes your resilience to kick in where you’re beyond exhausted? People who love what they do are more than willing to burn the midnight oil to get the job done.

     Occasionally a client tells me she is a creative, but feels forced to “get a real job,” instead of following a dream. If that sounds familiar,  let me refer you to a couple of brothers from Boston, Bert and John Jacobs. The two loved designing and selling tee shirts and were about to give up when they hit on an intriguing logo and eventually formed the $100 million clothing empire, Life is Good.

     A question the Jacob boys might have asked themselves is, what makes me feel good about being who I am and what fuels my inspiration? These brothers, inspired by children, have also created Playmakers, the company’s non-profit arm. If you are inspired by making life better for others, you might investigate a career in the non-profit segment. 

     Get started on your research today. It may help to take a career aptitude test. Keep exploring, you will hit pay-dirt. Remember, only you hold the key to unearthing a successful and rewarding career. Happy mining for your future. Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at