By Robin Linn

If you like your music heavy, and you insist upon master musicianship… don’t want to miss House of Broken Promises featuring guitarist and frontman Arthur Seay, drummer Mike Cancino and bassist/vocalist Joe Mora. The presentation is fiery and the music is in your face….not for the faint of heart. My predisposition for heavy music has made Arthur and Mike high up on my list of world class performers who have lived and played in the desert for a long, long time. House of Broken Promises has developed a distinctive sound all their own. They are absolute showoffs…..therefore….you can count on one hell of a show! You really just need to check them out and see for yourself. And, when you do….you will be asking yourself if you should believe what you are seeing and hearing in a tiny pub in Palm Desert? The band has been added to the lineup of Hellfest 2014. Hellfest is a huge heavy metal festival in France and this year’s lineup includes Soundgarden, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Aerosmith, and more. There is a lot to say about the careers that Arthur and Mike have carved out for themselves in hard rock…..which is why I am interviewing Arthur Seay this week. I want to pay respects to a band I love that has been laying it down, heavy style…since I arrived on the scene in the early nineties. From Magic, to Unida, to House of Broken Promises, Arthur continues to make a huge impact on the desert music scene…and me!

arthur seay by mandy kate